Police violence must stop

Dear Editor:

Police violence needs to be stopped. The young African-American man in Minnesota is dead because he had an air freshener on his mirror and expired registration. An African-American military lieutenant in Virginia is abused with pepper spray and restrained because the police couldn’t see his new auto license taped to his window.

Why use such unnecessary violence? If I, as a white man, drove with an air freshener on my mirror or was driving with an expired registration or even without a visible license plate, I might be stopped, given a fine and receive a needed lecture, but not pepper sprayed, put in handcuffs and arrested, let alone tasered or shot dead.

Police officers didn’t need to do any of those restrictive and violent measures. They knew where the young man in Minnesota lived, why the quick escalation to violence?

I have never had a negative, let alone violent, encounter with a police officer. Shouldn’t that be the norm for those who are Black, brown or any other racial or ethnic background?

Rev. Charles Stephens

Blue Hill

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