Polarization strikes again

Dear Editor:

Bill Beardsley [“Deja vu all over again,” July 9] devotes considerable wasted space discussing the current polarization of America. Several paragraphs are devoted to factors causing the lack of cooperation between Democratic and Republican congressmen, i.e., health issues, levels of education, geography, rural vs. urban, levels of experience, etc. This process Beardsley refers to as “factor analysis.” It’s sort of a comparison between the 1860s abolitionists and today’s Black Lives Matter movement. None of which has anything directly related to his real purpose.

Beardsley makes comparisons between Trump’s flaws vs. Biden’s. He draws a kindly picture of Trump as having “excelled at raising incomes and employment opportunities for those most in need” though Trump’s notable flaw is like that of the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz”; the poor dear is missing a heart. Yes, we’ve noticed that egregious flaw in more than one instance. And as to these so-called blossoming incomes, we are more concerned with the current disastrously crumbling economy. Beardsley came to praise Trump, not to bury him.

On to Biden’s greatest flaw: Beardsley is apparently channeling Trump when he describes Biden as having “fading cerebral capacities.” He likens Biden to the Scarecrow on the yellow brick road. News flash: When the presidential debates come along, watch Biden make mincemeat out of Trump’s “cerebral capacities.”

Be all that as it may, none of the above has anything to do with Beardsley’s main purpose in writing his commentary. It is an outright endorsement of Sen. Susan Collins. To wit, he writes: “To this day, our Sen. Collins is recognized as ‘the most bipartisan member’ of the U.S. Senate.” Not this year. Had Mr. Beardsley, for example, watched the televised hearing of Brett Kavanaugh as a nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court? If so, he would have found a whimpering, simpering avowed lover of beer drinking. It was a disgraceful performance, but one of which Collins fully approved. Her 45-minute spiel ignored all the flaws in her point of view and let the citizens of Maine know once and for all that Collins no longer professed to hold a nonpartisan view. In fact, her tirade was a disgrace to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Shirley Chase

Winter Harbor

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