Please stop drugging our kids

Dear Editor:

What is perfect to you?

The harsh reality of the media frenzy that causes high anxiety about the end of the world. The high-tech world that influences the younger generation. Is this unnatural state of mind really damaging the youth with video games and technology? They are playing wars in these games like a solider in combat. After all, our own flaws can be turned into perfection with a synthetic, quick-fix-pill. How bad are the side effects to be so-called perfect?

The truth is pills are habit-forming and once your body starts to rely on them you can’t go without them. It’s just not that great for your system to constantly have to take something or you feel really sick without your medication. At least let us be old enough to make that decision. Don’t give us some scientific answers how taking drugs at a young age doesn’t turn us into violent drug addicts who turn to street drugs when the doctor stops giving them to us. If you just take this little pill as prescribed everything is perfect.

I’m begging this community to listen to my story. Please, if you’re a parent, teacher and doctor, before you think about putting your child on medication because he or she doesn’t want to read or talks too much, think about how that will be for those children to be on medication for the rest of their lives just because they might actually need a little more discipline or someone to really listen.

Taking medication should really be the last answer after you have tried every other option possible first. The country is thriving off of pushing drugs on children before they even have a chance in life.

What are your personal hopes and meaning to life? Do you have dreams and goals for your future? What if you’re a little different and don’t act the right way? Is this really others’ perceptions of life and their own opinions? Are their opinions going to separate you from society from accomplishing your own future goals? Just because we aren’t perfect to you is that really the truth? I’m sure you’re not thinking I want to be a drug addict when I grow up. But were all told these pills are not addictive, it’s fine.

Whether you’re a man or woman or especially a child, why is it that nobody seems to be listening when someone is crying for help? We all should be treated fairly. Everyone seems to be playing by their own set of rules and not listening to anyone else’s truth. It’s a shame that instead of listening to the children we are giving them drugs to keep them from talking.

Daisy Harper

Southwest Harbor

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