Pebworth will be an effective legislator

Dear Editor:

Sarah Pebworth is the model for a citizen legislator. As a longtime resident of Blue Hill and the former owner of the Blue Hill Inn, Sarah is a Clean Election candidate who will be a great legislator. She is deeply familiar with those she will represent in the Maine Legislature: Blue Hill. Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Sedgwick and Surry.

Sarah has long been a recognized leader in our area’s business community, and has daily experienced and felt and real needs of those she has served as an innkeeper. She knows well how to listen and effectively respond to those with whom she works and with those she serves.

As a former teacher, Sarah possesses a deep concern for the importance of broad-based quality education for people of all ages and their families. She is passionate about Maine’s environmental and economic future and committed to helping bring affordable health care to all our citizens. Sarah is experienced in working with businesses, farmers, fishermen and others to collaboratively and intelligently resolve problems and issues.

Sarah Pebworth has the experience, skills, knowledge, commitment and compassion to serve us effectively as our citizen legislator. She will work hard for all the people of our area and for the people of Maine. We urge you to support Sarah Pebworth as our next state representative.

Rev. Gary and Barbara Pinder


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