Pebworth has the right stuff for Augusta

Dear Editor:

There are several good reasons to vote for District 133 Democratic candidate Sarah Pebworth.

She has been a familiar face in our area for over a decade as a concerned, involved, active and knowledgeable member of our community. Anyone who has managed a hotel knows that an innkeeper needs great business sense, financial acumen, charm, negotiating skills and an ability to be fair and welcoming to all comers. As the Blue Hill Inn owner, Sarah developed all these abilities. More recently she has thrown her considerable energy into one of our most important institutions as a board member of the Blue Hill Public Library. As co-founder of the Blue Hill Word literary festival she clearly understands the economic importance of attracting visitors to this town, quite apart from satisfying the intellectual appetites of us locals.

But as far as I am concerned a big reason to vote for this card-carrying Democrat, with her values of fairness and justice for all, is her calm, sensible, “feet on the ground” approach to politics in this highly charged and emotional political climate.

Sarah is a liberal but not an extremist. She is not a polarizing figure and has no need to be combative or to shout and yell. As an adamant Clean Election candidate this means no financial support from the outside, including funding from the NRA, but she appreciates from growing up in Wisconsin the pleasures and economics of hunting and the value of Second Amendment rights.

If you want your children prepared for life from preschool to jobs, if you want to safeguard your access to health insurance or wish for something far better, if you want someone who will enjoy communicating across the aisle then this is your candidate. This is a politician who enjoys canvassing door-to-door because she wants to meet all her potential constituents across the entire economic spectrum in Brooklin, Surry, Castine, Sedgwick and Brooksville. As she stresses in her campaign literature, Sarah Pebworth plans to represent the needs of all of us.


Veronica L. Young

East Blue Hill

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