Patriotism transcends politics

Dear Editor:

The current presidential impeachment saga is not about politics; it is about patriotism, pure and simple. It is not about political stripes; it is about the Stars and Stripes.

Politicians like Sen. Susan Collins want to mislead us into thinking that impeachment is politically motivated, because they don’t want to be held accountable for being unpatriotic. Partisan politicians like Sen. Collins believe that by politicizing and belittling the impeachment process, it absolves them from their sworn duty to protect our Constitution and our democratic institutions.

It is crystal clear from the President’s own words that he solicited a foreign country to interfere in our democratic elections. By doing so, the President committed an act of treason against our nation. Thus, this impeachment transcends political partisanship because it involves our nation’s security and the preservation of our democratic institutions.

Those politicians who excuse or dismiss the treasonous actions of the President are essentially burning our nation’s flag, because they are placing our national security at risk and allowing our democratic institutions to be attacked in order to protect a corrupt President.

I cannot think of any greater insult to our men and women in military uniform than politicians who permit or condone any president or high office holder to commit treason against our country. Patriotism transcends politics. Patriotism involves love of our country and the institutions of our constitutional government.

Those who displace their loyalty to a president and/or political party over devotion to our nation are committing the ultimate disloyalty to our country.

Jonathan Stolley


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