Pardon me, doctor

Dear Editor:


I was a young nurse working on an intensive care unit when I cut this piece out of a magazine. It still makes sense to me.


Time to Go

Pardon me, doctor, but may I die?

I know your oath requires you to try to keep me alive.

So long as my body is warm and there is a breath of life,

But listen, Doc, I’ve buried my wife,

My children are grown and on their own.

My friends are all gone, and I want to go, too.

No mortal man should keep me here

When the call from Him is unmistakably clear.

I deserve the right to slip quietly away.

My work is done and I am tired.

Your motives are noble, but now I pray

You can read in my eyes what my lips can’t say.

Listen to my heart and you’ll hear it cry

Pardon me, Doc, but may I die?


Charleen Bunker


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