Letters to the editor

  • Take a stand against Trump

    Dear Editor: So let’s all get behind making America great again! Have you heard that before? And where do we start? Take a look at page one of The Ellsworth American. The nation’s debt, in just one year, up $1 trillion! Let’s try that one again: $1,200,000,000,000. Ever see so many zeros from a nation

  • Thank you, Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: Last week I called on Sen. Collins to not be a part of the swamp that needs draining and cast her vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. She not only did that, but her speech announcing her decision was filled with information, facts and constitutional procedure. I imagine that other Mainers are as hard

  • The best choice for Maine’s future

    Dear Editor: This November, Maine is faced with an important gubernatorial election. Republican Shawn Moody and Democrat Janet Mills have been presented as the two options for Maine. These two are no more than opposite sides of the same stale bread that Maine’s been given to eat for its entirety, embodying pre-assigned partisan platforms that

  • Two shining stars on the ballot Nov. 6

    Dear Editor: Louie Luchini is hugely popular. As a Democrat, he carries Ellsworth by wide margins. As chairman of the Veterans Affairs and Ethics committees, his work in the Maine Legislature is widely recognized and appreciated. He will serve his constituents well as a Maine state senator. Jared Golden, who is assistant majority leader in

  • A question of freedom

    Dear Editor: My mother and father both were fortunate enough to pass away in their home. My dad was the oldest of 11 siblings and everyone pitched in to take care of each other as they grew older. I’m nearly 80 myself now and, apart from a lot of arthritis, I’m doing alright, but I

  • A terrific night at the Criterion

    Dear Editor: On Sept. 6, the band River Whyless played a wonderful high-energy and heartfelt show at the Criterion Theatre in Bar Harbor. Though it was an hour away from Gouldsboro, the night still amounted to a hometown show for Sumner graduate Ryan O’Keefe, who now lives in Asheville, N.C., along with his bandmates. The

  • Pebworth has the right stuff for Augusta

    Dear Editor: There are several good reasons to vote for District 133 Democratic candidate Sarah Pebworth. She has been a familiar face in our area for over a decade as a concerned, involved, active and knowledgeable member of our community. Anyone who has managed a hotel knows that an innkeeper needs great business sense, financial

  • A refreshing change from the daily drama

    Dear Editor: During these times of political chaos and partisanship I sometimes feel the need to distance myself from the daily drama and discord playing out on the national level. Lately I have found comfort and hope in what I observe happening on the local level right here in our corner of Maine, where neighbors

  • Green planning momentum powered by strong community engagement

    As part of the Ellsworth Green Planning process, the recent lively and well-attended forum on Sustainable Development focused attention on key aspects of the emerging plan as well as the significant level of public engagement. Launched in January 2017, this citizens’ initiative is creating a phased plan to make Ellsworth ‘a model green community.’  Nineteen

  • Faulkingham brings perspective, commitment

    Dear Editor: Most people know William Billy Bob Faulkingham as a local lobster fisherman, father and veteran. I was pleased to hear he is running to serve residents of House District 136 in the state Legislature because he has the perspective and commitment to stand up for our part of Maine. Tax relief, especially for