Letters to the editor

  • Helping ourselves

    It is surprising how many Hancock County homes have street number signs that are difficult to see, or are simply not there. With all the will in the world, as well-prepared as they are, our fire fighters, police officers and ambulance crews cannot help us until they can find us. Here in Ellsworth, the firefighters

  • Lyme disease and global warming

    Dear Editor: Recent studies have show that Lyme disease — a tick-borne illness with debilitating consequences — is on the rise. If left untreated, this disease can cause arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling. For children under 18, it may severely impair cognitive function. However, far from getting closer to eradicating this disease, it

  • Heat, fires and Trump rollbacks

    Dear Editor: Here is just a sample of July  climate events that are happening worldwide – Caribou hottest July on record, more intense and destructive wildfires from California to the Swedish Arctic, Algeria hottest ever in Africa, 54 deaths from heat near Montreal and the third longest heat wave in Britain. This year was supposed

  • Socialism at its best

    Dear Editor: The “Maine People’s Alliance” doesn’t really represent Maine people. Their latest scam, the “free” home care referendum, is simply more socialism at its best. And that’s not even taking into account the cronyism. Taxing hard working Maine families by referendum is unconstitutional in Maine. Why don’t these groups (that are largely funded by

  • Unintended impression

    Dear Editor: In my original letter about the flag display in Gouldsboro, I inadvertently gave the impression that the Gouldsboro Veterans Committee was responsible for setting up and maintaining the display. That is not the case. I have been informed by the committee that they are not involved at any level. The Gouldsboro Veterans Committee

  • “There oughta be a law! Oh wait, there is.”

    Dear Editor: Who needs foreign operatives undermining our elections, when we’ve got Governor Paul LePage tipping the scale in favor of, mostly GOP, big money candidates? I donated to clean campaign candidates through the state government website and, by golly, the state should release those funds now when they are most crucial to campaigns. There

  • Another memorable visit

    Dear Editor: My spouse and I recently visited Ellsworth and Bar Harbor, as we normally do every year. We never cease to be amazed by the friendliness of everyone we meet! We have fond memories of our Acadian boat cruise of Bar Harbor, our Wednesday night at Jordan’s, a birthday dinner at Governor’s and the

  • Change in standards, not expectations

    Dear Editor: I am appalled by the recent spate of articles and opinions on the state of our schools in Maine. Does anyone truly believe that Maine schools are suddenly going to plummet because our standards of measurement are changing? That is a terrible commentary on the teachers in our schools. Teachers will still have

  • Trump’s “accomplishments”

    Dear Editor: At a recent rally, Trump referred to his “accomplishments” since taking office. What are they? To name a few: a) The wrecking of the Iran treaty which had guaranteed to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions for at least 15 years; b) Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, thereby hastening the destruction of our planet

  • Collins must oppose Kavanaugh

    Dear Editor: How can Sen. Susan Collins take a position of “wait and see” on Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh? Kavanaugh’s position on abortion rights is clear from his writings, which are a matter of public record. Collins has said that she wants to ask him if