Letters to the editor

  • LePage’s costly legacy

    Dear Editor: There are those who ask how we can afford policies put forward by Democrats. The Baldacci administration and the legislatures then in session did indeed leave us with embarrassing financial problems, which the LePage administration and the legislatures then in session fixed. But the last eight years have left us with other financial

  • Ready to steward the Seacoast Mission’s legacy

    Dear Editor: A beautiful, snowy morning on Frenchman Bay seems like the right moment to reflect a little on my first days as president of the Maine Seacoast Mission. My first days have been gloriously filled with stories: how, in 1917, the Sunbeam I first brought dental services to Maine’s coastal island communities, how a

  • Thank a librarian today

    Dear Editor: February was National Library Lover’s Month, and I have spent the entire time failing miserably to articulate exactly what it is I love about libraries. The honest answer is I don’t know why I do, I just do. I love lying in bed at night after finishing a book on my Kindle and

  • Electric snowmobiles the wave of the future

    Dear Editor: I enjoyed Paul Reynolds’ article in The Ellsworth American regarding electric snowmobiles. I’ve wondered for years why we haven’t heard of electric snowmobiles before now. I think we’ll see this industry grow. PS: I’ve never owned a snow machine, but I rode on one once. Just the same. Thanks. Carl Faulstick Steuben

  • A plea for sanity and civility

    Dear Editor: An open letter to my members of Congress, Susan Collins, Jared Golden, Angus King: I am appalled at the latest absurdity from our President, who seems to think he has the job of king or dictator. To me there is no national emergency at the southern border. Seems to me this is all

  • Geographical prejudice

    Dear Editor: Prejudice, its many layers unfolded, invariably yields an influence unhealthy to society. More than the nostalgic lampoon of quirky Americana in a Hollywood taint, geographical prejudice, at its extreme, has been a combative divide between regions of our society with often tragic results. Surprising as it would seem, the Democratic Party has made

  • Graham Lake property owners deserve a say

    Dear Editor: Besides the fish problem on the Union River, how about the property owners’ problem on Graham Lake? We have to contend with water up against the banks (104.2) and mud flats (93.4) at times. Just short of 11-foot water level variation. The fish problem will take dollars but the water level is easy.

  • The week in review

    Dear Editor: Every week I most enjoy reading your editorials and op-ed columns. But most of all I like reading the Letters to the Editor. The Feb. 14 issue has some especially interesting letters, so much so that I couldn’t resist quoting from each one with a comment, since the first letter ends with “Here’s

  • Time to make a decision, America

    Dear Editor: I’ve been wondering for quite a while about how we are going to get beyond this great divide in our country. That division seems to be left or right, liberal or conservative, socialist or individualist, even equality or freedom, and many, many more. In my opinion, we have to decide if we want

  • Time to say bye-bye, Bernie

    Dear Editor: Bernie Sanders needs to have his plug pulled. Yo, Bernie! While I count myself among those who embrace your progressive agenda, I also understand that denial is not just a river in Egypt. You’ve been there, you’ve done that. Yo, Bernie! It didn’t work. Didn’t work then, and it won’t work this time