Letters to the editor

  • Hospital outsourcing a risky proposition

    Dear Editor: Staffing problems that have driven Northern Light to outsource emergency room personnel and hospitalists are regrettable and dangerous in themselves. We can be glad efforts are underway to see that competent staff are present for these critical services. However, we learn that some services they render may not be covered under agreements between

  • New name, same old problems

    Dear Editor: The new hospital name is Northern Light Health, but that hasn’t fixed its downward spiral. The latest plan is outsourcing doctors from a national health temp agency, and nothing good will come from it. It probably will cost patients more, with more billing obfuscation, and it won’t be the end of commercializing health.

  • Patients in for “sticker shock”?

    Dear Editor: Last week’s Ellsworth American’s lead article states: “Beginning in February, the doctor who treats you in Ellsworth or Blue Hill may actually work for a private for-profit firm 1,100 miles away.” As an ACA navigator, I know that the hospitals’ outsourcing deal potentially exposes patients to higher bills and I find this outrageous.

  • Something’s got to give

    Dear Editor: It is the traverse in the woods of ideology. The divergence in paths once aligned. It is here where the “one nation” meets its impassable chasm, a void too deep and too far to bridge. One path still holds to the ideal that was this nation’s founding. The other moves away from that

  • The craven cowards of Capitol Hill

    Dear Editor: How tragic it is that, once elected to their six-year terms of office, Republicans in the United States Senate can simply ignore the needs of the nation and the American people they supposedly serve. They have become craven cowards, so frightened of offending a disgraceful and autocratic president and his slowly shrinking base

  • Touching base with Sen. King

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Sen. Angus King: Hi, Angus. I am writing to see if you are OK. I hear there is some kind of extortion business going on down there in Washington. Maybe that’s the way they do business in the big city; wouldn’t work around here. Nobody is going

  • Trump must stop the shutdown now

    Dear Editor: I am sure that most of you have experienced or observed occasions where a person in authority punished a group of people because of an action of a single person. For example, a schoolteacher might have canceled recess because someone put gum on his chair, or a drill instructor canceled liberty because someone

  • Name change shouldn’t mean disregarding history

    Dear Editor: It will come as no surprise that if I am writing to you it is probably to complain about something. That would be accurate. Under normal circumstances, I find the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, or northern lights, to be fascinating and often quite beautiful. I cannot say the same about the recent

  • Time for Congress to do its duty

    Dear Editor: President Trump states he is all about border security and that the country is in the grip of a drug crisis. Yet he shuts down a part of the government that is charged with carrying out those functions such as DHS and specifically the U.S. Coast Guard! He is ordering those brave young

  • Words of wisdom on walls

    Dear Editor: Robert Frost said it best: “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall, that wants it down”! The Russians walled off Berlin, they went broke, the wall came down. The Israelis built a wall for protection, the rockets still rain down. “Before I built a wall I’d ask to know, what I was