Letters to the editor

  • Collins’ unconvincing performance

    Dear Editor: It took exactly 45 minutes for Sen. Susan Collins to “clean the slate” (she intimates) of any honest inquiry into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. She fails to convince us that there is no corroborating evidence of Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of Dr. Christine Ford because she ignores the very cogent fact that the

  • Compounded injustice

    Dear Editor: I have just finished reading the Oct. 15 edition of Time magazine. The article I will reference was titled “She said.” The viewpoint section of that article was titled “What has changed since 2016.” If I may, I am going to refer to a paragraph toward the middle of the article (beginning mid-sentence):

  • Disappointed in Collins’ vote

    Dear Editor: I am deeply disappointed by Sen. Collins’ support of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. While I stand in admiration of her well thought-out speech in his defense, I am dismayed at the chance she took with the future of our nation. Although Sen. Collins addressed several valid points, Brett Kavanaugh’s assurances in a conversation with

  • Grohoski is needed in Augusta

    Dear Editor: I would like to speak for Nicole Grohoski, who is running for the State House on Nov. 6 for the Trenton/Ellsworth seat. I met Nicole three years ago, when she mentored me as I worked toward certification as a Maine Master Naturalist. I really appreciated that she is a good listener, hard-working and

  • Joining the Blue Wave

    Does Maine deserve another four years of Paul LePage? That is exactly what will happen if Shawn Moody is elected governor. Ann LePage said Moody will carry on the policies of her husband. Moody cannot pick and choose what he owns from LePage; he owns it all. He owns the ignorant simplemindedness of his hero,

  • Mighty Angus has struck out

    Dear Editor: I remember listening to Angus King on Maine Public Radio, and I initially supported him for governor. His actions since he went to D.C. have soured me, however. In this baseball season, with our beloved Red Sox hosting the Yankees tonight, let me address Sen. King in a sports perspective. He voted to

  • Oppose offshore drilling

    Dear Editor: I was reading The Ellsworth American a few weeks ago when I came across an article that caught my eye: Gulf of Maine suffers an ocean “heat wave.” This headline made my body fill with worries. We know that climate change is increasing the oceans temperatures, which will affect the species that reside

  • Poliquin’s lost battle

    Dear Editor: Bruce Poliquin’s failure to secure continued federal funding for the Northern Maine Regional Re-entry Center (NMRRC) has denied substance abuse treatment for one of our state’s most needy populations. Most federal prisoners have drug abuse backgrounds. Many completing their terms of incarceration will no longer have opportunities to receive substance abuse treatment and

  • Shame on Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: Hugh Bowden was spot-on when he cited Sen. Susan Collins as casting a partisan, ill-reasoned vote to seat Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. While Collins claimed “presumed innocence” for Kavanaugh, she could not find a suitable legal phrase for doubting Dr. Christian Blasey Ford. There is seldom a “witness” to such a