Letter to the editor

  • We’re waiting, Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Sen. Susan Collins. Sen. Collins: When will you speak out and denounce President Trump’s attacks on our democracy? Most recently, his deliberate actions to suppress U.S. mail delivery in order to prevent people from voting in a timely manner. Another egregious action by the President, total silence

  • We need gutsy leaders

    Dear Editor: We came to live in Maine 65 years ago, full time, and I remember writing to my parents in Chicago about how nice the summertime temperatures were here! While Chicago was getting summers around 80 and 90 degrees, we in Bar Harbor were having highs of 70 or 75 at the most. I

  • A bad example on masks

    Dear Editor: An Aug. 27 front-page story was about Sumner Memorial High School finalizing its reopening plans per state and federal CDC guidelines. Yet the photo with the article depicts a custodial staff member wearing a face mask below his nose in clear violation of those guidelines. If the nose is not covered along with

  • Turning a blind eye

    Dear Editor: It is truly heartbreaking to see the Trump-Pence signs popping up on the lawns of more and more of my fellow Mainers. Many of those homeowners likely are hard-working, kind-hearted Americans who would rush to help a neighbor in trouble without once checking to see if that neighbor might be wearing a MAGA

  • Medical distributors key to fighting COVID-19

    Dear Editor: When representing constituents in Maine, it should be a lawmaker’s priority to work with his or her colleagues and experts to find the best ideas and common-sense solutions. And during my over six years in the Maine Legislature, I have done just that — working each day to identify the best public policies

  • Maine needs all energy forms

    Dear Editor: Rep. Grohoski’s opinion piece from the Aug. 20 EA against the Clean Connect Energy Corridor illustrated an emotional and partisan stance that may be well-intended, but unsupported by the current energy needs of Maine and its struggling economy. Grohoski lamented that citizens have been unable to express their opinions on the NECEC project,

  • Maine must support voter turnout

    Dear Editor: Maine should not suppress the vote through the lack of online voter registration, long lines at the polls and a reduced number of polling places. We have learned from Dr. Shah of the Maine CDC that there are many unknowns regarding the effects of COVID-19 on Election Day in November. In light of

  • Let kids play

    Dear Editor: As a state representative, fisherman and parent of a high school athlete who attends Sumner Memorial High School, I recently wrote to the Maine Principals Association (MPA) asking them to allow fall sports to proceed with common-sense safety precautions. I am greatly concerned that having already lost the spring sports season, fall sports

  • Gideon connects and listens

    Dear Editor: When I met Susan Collins in October 2016, I was excited to speak with one of America’s well-known moderate senators. Instead, I was struck by her refusal to directly answer my policy questions. Over the last few years, I have become very disheartened as I have witnessed Sen. Collins let the people of

  • A telling sign?

    Dear Editor: This is a letter to the citizens of Ellsworth and Trenton. Dear citizens of Ellsworth and Trenton: On your ballots this fall, you’ll be deciding between a number of candidates who want to represent you at city, state and national levels. Many of them have already held office, so we have the opportunity

  • Signs are senseless

    Dear Editor: The signs saying Impeach Janet Mills are offensive to me; we live in a state where the coronavirus rate of infection is one of the lowest in the United States, largely because of the consistent, intelligent leadership we have coming out of Augusta. If you don’t like it here, I suggest you spend

  • Savage deserves a look

    Dear Editor: History is repeated, repeatedly. Heavily banked, party-backed candidates push to the front of the lines of those competing for the highest electoral offices, to fight out an either-or rivalry thick with lies, promises and vindictive and distortive accusations. Nevertheless, developments in our political system and in our regional and national challenges are still