Letters to the editor

  • A vote for Moody

    Dear Editor: When it comes to who I am going to vote for this November for my state senator I will not be voting for Louis Luchini, who will join with Janet Mills in raising out income taxes and raise the sales tax. That is what Mills has promised, and Luchini will no doubt stand

  • Don’t jump to conclusions about character

    Dear Editor: I’m writing to discuss an issue that seems to be on the rise, especially of late: character assassination. A wolf can indeed be in sheep’s clothing. It involves people who represent themselves in a certain light and then switch for their own interest or agenda. There is a lot of this going on

  • A brighter future with Golden in Congress

    Dear Editor: Jared Golden identified keys to providing kids with quality educations: “Teachers deserve better pay and benefits.” As a Lewiston teacher 30 years ago, I earned more as an educator than I could in other pursuits. However, relative to peers with similar educations, teachers are now much worse off. In 1994, public school teachers

  • A miscarriage of justice

    Dear Editor: How in the world would the other party-goers, who were downstairs, know what was happening upstairs in the bedroom, especially when loud music was playing? Plus, Ford immediately fled. She claims she didn’t say anything to anyone who was downstairs. Of course no one at that party would have known what was happening

  • A request for Sen. Collins

    Dear Editor: Of course Sen. Susan Collins is swamped this week with countless correspondence, both supportive and vilifying. She will tend/reply to those whose views matter most to her for personal and political reasons, of course. I write to ask if she might reach across the aisle and support the request of Ms. Pelosi, through

  • A voice for diversity

    Dear Editor: I first want to extend my appreciation for the many years of service that Councilors Beathem and Crosthwaite provided to Ellsworth. I have chosen to run for the Ellsworth City Council because I want to help the city to be a community that supports all of its residents. I have lived in this

  • Bunker represents a golden opportunity

    Dear Editor: Doug Bunker is giving the voters of District 137 a golden chance to begin the process of correcting the problems of today’s politics — right where it is most practical and meaningful — at the grassroots level. As a Clean Election candidate, his only obligation is to represent the people of the district

  • Collins didn’t get all the facts on Kavanaugh

    Dear Editor: Sen. Collins’ stated on television on Sunday, Oct. 7, that “I do not believe that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant. I do believe that she was assaulted. I don’t know by whom and I’m not certain when, but I do not believe he was the assailant.” The reason she only “believes” and “does

  • Collins rises to the occasion

    Dear Editor: History repeats itself. Maine Sen. Susan Collins truly rose to the occasion when she explained to her fellow senators and the nation why she decided at the 11th hour to support the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Her remarks were constitutionally grounded, intelligent, methodical, well-reasoned and as compelling as

  • Collins’ unconvincing performance

    Dear Editor: It took exactly 45 minutes for Sen. Susan Collins to “clean the slate” (she intimates) of any honest inquiry into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. She fails to convince us that there is no corroborating evidence of Kavanaugh’s attempted rape of Dr. Christine Ford because she ignores the very cogent fact that the