Letters to the editor

  • Lockman misses an educational opportunity

    Dear Editor: Rep. Lockman writes in his Dec. 12 letter that while he is not a credentialed educational professional, he knows the solution to lagging test results: more competition in education. I’m sorry but forced consolidation? Withdrawal? Implementing proficiency-based education? Lifting that mandate? Those are initiatives that Augusta has forced on districts in the last

  • Help is out there

    Dear Editor: I want to address a difficult subject. It is the sexual abuse of girls. Some face a barrage of intimidation and sexual assaults, leaving them with an extremely low self-image of themselves. Often the victims are told not to tell anyone. If they report what happened to a family member, they are often

  • “Tone deaf” editorial

    Dear Editor: In a world that is changing so very quickly, your editorial “American Energy Independence” seems like a nostalgic look back at those innocent days when we didn’t realize that carbon mining could destroy our civilization. Every day brings new evidence that climate change is happening much more quickly than predicted, and that the

  • Wise words from Honest Abe

    Dear Editor: I’d like to phrase an old adage credited to a more honest Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. “You can fool some of the voters all of he time, and all of the voters some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the voters all of the time.” In light of the recent

  • A great American

    To the Editor: With accolades pouring in from around the world, I cannot help but add a brief story about the time I spent with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush during his run for president. I had been complaining (a little too loudly it seems) that his campaign was losing traction because of his unwillingness

  • Do the math, kids

    Dear Editor: I recently received my monthly AARP magazine that included a lengthy article about the health of Social Security. As is always the case with AARP, and our politicians, they make reference to the “trust fund” being able to carry the extra load of baby boomer retirements until 2034 without any changes. Of course

  • Thought we were better than this

    Dear Editor: In the news: young men showed the Nazi salute at their prom. Our nation has a history of some discrimination, but I thought we were better than this today. My mother taught us not to be prejudiced. Also, all people are created equal, regardless of their color. I know this viewpoint is controversial.

  • The rest of the story

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth American reported in an article on Nov. 28 titled “Oyster farm decision still draws opposition” that Caren Plank and I supported the DMR final decision for a lease in Northern Bay, Penobscot. That statement is only half true at best. Ms Plank and I do support the restrictions and denials in

  • Dereliction of duty to blame for border insecurity

    Dear Editor: What do we taxpaying American citizens get for the lavish salaries and perks we bestow on our elected representatives? Nothing, if they cannot even bestir themselves to secure our borders, the physical elements that define our country in its most basic sense. The longer an individual has been in Washington, the more serious

  • Down the memory hole

    Dear Editor: Thanks to our local Meetinghouse Theatre Lab for its Nov. 17 reading in Winter Harbor of Matthew Dunster’s adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984.” Orwell’s book was a warning, a warning about losing our history “down the memory hole.” Democracy cannot function without informed citizens. A perfect example of this is the recent 10-part