Letters to the editor

  • Vote William “Billy Bob” Faulkingham

    Dear Editor: I would like to lend my support to William Faulkingham in his run to represent Maine House District 136. In these times of political strife, it is important to have well-rounded and firmly grounded individuals who can look at issues from all angles and then make an informed decision. It is also important

  • Grohoski won’t back down from challenges

    Dear Editor: I have served with hundreds of legislators and observed hundreds more. From my observations it is clear to me that some serve because they want to help their constituents and their state. Some have narrower interests. Some give their time and talent and are effective. Some give less and we get less. When

  • Home care for all

    Dear Editor: Mainers have an opportunity this fall to support seniors and people with disabilities so they can live with dignity and independence in their homes. Question 1 would create a universal home care program that would support family caregivers, improve job quality of home care workers to address our current shortage and create a

  • Sherm for Maine House

    “Hello, my name is Sherm Hutchins and I am running for the Maine Legislature.” This is how I have introduced myself since mid-July, traveling throughout District 131 (Dedham, Orland, Otis, Penobscot, Prospect, Stockton Springs, and Verona Island) to meet the people and to hear their concerns. It is a wonderful experience to connect with those

  • Make your voice heard on Nov. 6

    Dear Editor: I know there must be people here in Maine who just don’t think they’ll bother to vote this Nov. 6, but I would like to urge everyone to think about the issues and choices presented to the voters at this time, and to make the decision to get to a polling place or

  • Pebworth the right choice for 133rd District

    Dear Editor: Those of us who live in Maine’s 133rd Legislative District (Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Sedgwick and Surry) are extremely fortunate to have Sarah Pebworth as a candidate for the state Legislature. Sarah is a principled, articulate, hard-working woman who has already made a mark in her community as a businesswoman and civic

  • The honorable choice for U.S. House

    Dear Editor: Jared Golden, assistant majority leader of the Maine House of Representatives, is a Marine veteran. His Bangor Daily News Oct. 18, 2017, op-ed announcing his run for Congress was headed “I won’t leave any Mainer behind,” based on the Marine Corps Rule No. 1, “leave no one behind.” Leader Golden is being supported

  • Time to make history with ranked choice voting

    Dear Editor: Maine will soon make history by using ranked choice voting (RCV) in a general statewide election. RCV will be used for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives races. RCV is simply a runoff voting system for races with more than two candidates done through one efficient ballot. It is one person,

  • District 137 will do better with Bunker

    Dear Editor: If you live in Amherst, Aurora, Beddington, Bradford, Bradley, Deblois, Eastbrook, Edinburg, Franklin, Great Pond, Greenbush, LaGrange, Northfield, Passadumkeag, Wesley or some of the unorganized territories in parts of Hancock, Washington and Penobscot counties, you are in District 137! This fall you will have the opportunity to effect very positive change for our 21

  • Colwell will not disappoint

    Dear Editor: If you want a Maine state representative for everyone, Nancy Colwell is the person for this job. Nancy is a “real” Mainer and not a transplant. She grew up in Deer Isle and lives with her family in Surry. Nancy is for the people of Maine and not the government of Maine. Nancy