Letters to the editor

  • Please include a magnifying glass

    Dear Editor: Your paper should know that about 80 percent of your readers are over 50 and that 80 percent of people over 50 need glasses to read, yet you have reduced the print size (real estate transfers) to the point that many would need a magnifying glass to read some of your paper. You

  • Preventing left turn fatalities

    Dear Editor: Once again, someone waiting to make a left turn has been killed when their vehicle was struck from behind. This time, tragically, it’s a baby in Waterboro (https://www.centralmaine.com/2019/01/14/baby-dies-after-injures-sustained-in-waterboro-crash/). A long time ago, my brother-in-law’s car was hit while he was waiting to make a left turn, and I learned from his experience to

  • Profits vs. ecology at the Ellsworth dam

    Dear Editor: Profits vs. ecology. Leonard Lake’s Ellsworth dam has existed since 1907, 112 years. Brookfield Renewable/Black Bear Hydro states there was a saw mill at the present Leonard Lake dam site in 1767, some 252 years ago. So when and how are the fish, salmon, alewives, blue back herring, shad, short-nosed sturgeon and eels

  • Puerto Rico food aid must be addressed

    Dear Editor: To My Elected Representatives: Puerto Rico suffered two devastating hurricanes in 2017, from which it is still in basic recovery mode. Due to Trump administration antagonism toward Puerto Rico, food aid will soon run out. I understand that billions in community development appropriations, which were approved by Congress to assist in the hurricane

  • Winter wonderland

    Dear Editor: Flye Point at mid-winter In mid-winter the rising orb comes late, its far south arc just touching the top of the firs, as another northwest polar rush directs the sea-smoke dance. A low tide icy varnish turns each rock into a slippery gem, the far shore lined with diamonds. So a walk along

  • Caught in the web

    Dear Editor: Has every possible event in our democracy gone so far that the internet seemingly only mocks it, and finds pleasure for people’s own personal amusement? As sad as the answer to it may be, it is seems as though the answer is yes. While it seems as though the only personal exercise I

  • Talk of the town

    Dear Editor: You have given me more reason to look forward to Thursday and the arrival of your issue with the Hancock County “Our Town” articles. The annual publication of the insert of the towns was interesting, but these weekly profiles are so much more so, as opposed to the recitation of somewhat dry statistics.

  • Worth the wait each week

    Dear Editor: My favorite parts of The Ellsworth American are the editorials and the letters to the editor. The Jan. 3 issue was a great example. The editorial titled “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” was well written and stated just what I’ve been thinking. We all know that “something” is frost, which

  • Connecting the dots on the shutdown

    Dear Editor: Why is Trump so committed in January 2019 to his demand for $5.6 billion for building the wall and to continuing the longest government shutdown in U.S. history? Could it be his self-interested, mean-spirited attempt to divert the media and public from the increasing information coming from the federal investigations into the Trump

  • Flagmen are unsung heroes

    Dear Editor: Joe’s happy. He enjoys standing on too hard ground all day dodging cars while holding a stop sign. It’s only when he turns away you can see him wince in pain. Next car, another smile, yes Joe’s happy. It’s by design. He’s learned to bend reality; the successful coping of the menial worker.