Letter to the editor

  • Leadership, intelligence and compassion

    Dear Editor: Rep. Nicole Grohoski has done a tremendous job serving her first term in the Maine House representing Ellsworth and Trenton. She has done this with leadership, intelligence and compassion sorely lacking in so many politicians today. She keeps us fully informed on what is happening in both Augusta and here locally with her

  • Health coverage must be a priority

    Dear Editor: COVID-19 is having its way with coastal Maine. Nearly 60 percent of leisure and hospitality jobs statewide are gone. For small towns that depend on tourism, the lockdowns and tight restrictions on out-of-state visitors have hollowed out our economies and left countless families wondering how they’ll survive without a paycheck. Unfortunately, the job

  • Brighten up Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: Along with Healthy Acadia and Heart of Ellsworth, I recently sent a letter to City Council requesting that we be allowed to paint some crosswalks in Ellsworth in rainbow colors. The purpose is to make a visible statement that people in the LGBTQ+ community are welcome, respected and valued here in Ellsworth. For

  • A work in progress

    Dear Editor: America is a work in progress and tremendous achievements have been made over the last 244 years. Sure, the United States has warts, policy debacles and setback after setback, but we soldier on making incremental improvements in our society and setting good examples for the rest of the world. They can only be

  • A solution on medical billing disputes

    Dear Editor: As a former member of the Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee, I am all too familiar with the challenges our doctors, our hospitals and their patients in rural Maine are facing. Too often insurance companies dispute the reimbursement that hospitals feel they are due. Similarly, patients are frequently shocked by surprise and

  • So you think you’re safe

    Dear Editor: A common concern about COVID-19 is “who is most at risk?” Some people say those individuals should protect themselves, that it is not our job to protect them. Many of you are aware that the disease is more likely to result in death or severe illness in the elderly and those with pre-existing

  • Polarization strikes again

    Dear Editor: Bill Beardsley [“Deja vu all over again,” July 9] devotes considerable wasted space discussing the current polarization of America. Several paragraphs are devoted to factors causing the lack of cooperation between Democratic and Republican congressmen, i.e., health issues, levels of education, geography, rural vs. urban, levels of experience, etc. This process Beardsley refers

  • Grateful for birthday wishes

    Dear Editor: Thank you for making my 90th birthday special. Thank you, Lamoine Fire Department and friends in a drive-by birthday party, and for cards, cake, messages, gifts, signs, flowers, balloons, phone calls, visitors and lobsters. Marion McFarland Lamoine

  • COVID cover-up

    Dear Editor: Our nation is headed for some times that will not just try our souls, but our bodies. Despite the fatuous claims of various governmental leaders, the trend in COVID-19 coronavirus infections and deaths is grimmer than they say by far. The United States now has 25 percent of the world’s cases, and 24

  • Collins has earned our trust

    Dear Editor: In one of Sara Gideon’s TV ads, which the Washington Post declared was “mostly false,” she criticized Sen. Collins’ work on the PPP program, falsely claiming that it only helped one in 10 small businesses here in Maine. Ironically, one of the businesses that it did help was Ms. Gideon’s husband’s law firm,

  • Castine lets its lifeblood down

    Dear Editor: It’s a real shame that some people in this town can’t support the institution that is the very lifeblood of this town. Without Maine Maritime Academy there would be little to no chance of any businesses succeeding in this town as we are the only people here (for the most part) in the

  • An absolute imperative

    Dear Editor: Susan Collins is a remarkably solid, thoughtful and independent United States senator. The extreme leftist Democratic leadership and party make supporting her continuation in office an absolute imperative for Maine and the USA. Oliver Carr Blue Hill