Letter to the editor

  • Saluting our health care system

    Dear Editor: The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly eye-opening and concerning to me. While I am glad to see that our state’s new cases continue to decline and we are on Stage 3 of our reopening plan, I am still taking the necessary precautions when I leave my home. This new way of living has

  • Lockman a fighter for the forgotten

    Dear Editor: I want to publicly thank state Rep. Larry Lockman of Bradley for everything he’s done for the people of Maine since he was first elected to the Legislature in 2012. Lockman is a fearless fighter for the forgotten Mainers in rural Maine who have been left behind by the politicians in Augusta. I

  • Misinformed on gear request

    Dear Editor: In response to Richard Washburn’s June 18 letter regarding Sheriff Kane’s request for “riot gear,” be aware that he is not asking for offensive weapons. He is asking for the necessary protective gear such as shields, helmets and whatever is needed to keep our law enforcement officers safe if things get rough. So

  • Maine deserves a senator we can trust

    Dear Editor: I am writing in support of Sara Gideon’s campaign for the seat of senator from Maine, currently held by Sen. Susan Collins. Sara Gideon has shown excellent leadership during her two terms as speaker of the House in the Maine Legislature. She has worked successfully in a bipartisan spirit. Susan Collins, on the

  • Juliette can do the job

    Dear Editor: I am writing to encourage all Hancock County Republicans to vote Juliette Wilbur for register of probate. With nearly two decades of experience, Juliette Wilbur is the best candidate for the job. She has been an active member of the Hancock County GOP and Women’s Group. She was integral to securing the GOP

  • High-speed internet expansion needed now

    Dear Editor: Let me make this short and to the point. July 14 is voting day here in Maine. Some may vote on the 14th and some earlier by absentee. You should all be aware of an important question that you will (and are) being asked to vote on. Passing Question 1 “is something Maine

  • Help create a cleaner, greener Blue Hill

    Dear Editor: The proposed Blue Hill Healthy Ecosystem Ordinance will prohibit the “application, storage or sale of synthetic substances (pesticides) other than those specifically listed as ‘allowed’ in the National Organic Program (USDA’s National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances),” with exemptions cited in the ordinance. Exemptions include: commercial farms; tick and flea treatment for

  • Democracy in action

    Dear Editor: At last week’s Hancock County Commissioners meeting, nearly 50 local residents joined in to discuss requests for additional equipment, including “riot gear,” made by our Sheriff’s Department. These meetings typically begin with a public comment section. This time things were a little different. The large public interest — rather than inspiring the commissioners’

  • Dare to hope?

    Dear Editor: I read every word of your article titled “Two vie for House 134 seat in Democratic primary.” I held my breath in hopes that it would be a clean, no mud-slinging article. It was! I was so glad to finally read/“hear” two candidates, vying for the same position, answer Faith DeAmbrose’s well-posed questions

  • Crafts puts service before self

    Dear Editor: Politics seem to have a way of bringing out the worst in people. When individuals put politics and self-motivation ahead of service, our state and our nation is who suffers. Maine’s Second Congressional District is one of the nation’s top competitive seats this election cycle, which will come with hundreds of thousands of

  • Collins works for Mainers

    Dear Editor: We need Susan Collins back in the Senate. Collins tried to reach across the aisle to be bipartisan and she learned a hard lesson. That lesson was that across the aisle they don’t play fair; they want to win at all costs no matter what it does to Americans, no matter what it

  • An appalling decision

    Dear Editor: I’m appalled by the Ellsworth City Council’s decision to slash $100,000 from the Ellsworth Public Library’s budget. As a year-round Ellsworth resident and taxpayer, the library contributes significantly to my quality of life. When my husband and I chose to buy a home in Ellsworth, the quality of the library was one of