Letter to the editor

  • Wind project should be reconsidered

    Dear Editor: This is an open letter to Governor Janet Mills. Dear Governor: It is my considered opinion that Maine needs to re-examine the value and merit of the Aqua Ventus Offshore Wind Project with an anticipated capacity of 12 megawatts of electric power. While admittedly this is among the smallest planned wind projects, its

  • Trump must be halted

    Dear Editor: During a January 2016 campaign rally in Iowa, candidate Trump jokingly said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” But now, with him as President Trump, his deliberate misleading of the public is personally responsible for what will likely be around

  • Time for a leadership reset

    Dear Editor: Donald Trump is now comparing himself to Churchill and Roosevelt! There is a big difference in his statements and character compared to theirs! Churchill and Roosevelt gained the trust and faith of their nation by being trustworthy and honest. They were able to get the people to stand together, endure hardships and face

  • The servant leader

    Dear Editor: Is the servant leader a lost concept for us today? I believe this is something often missing but sorely needed in our elected officials. What does it take to be a servant leader? It takes a genuine desire to care for people; it takes character, commitment, self-sacrifice and perseverance. These are qualities that

  • Death cult comes Downeast

    Dear Editor: Yesterday, I went into the headquarters of the Hancock County GOP in Ellsworth. I was greeted by a woman whose first words to me were, “Hello, you don’t need to wear a mask here.” How has it become that the party that once proposed affordable health care for all Americans under Nixon now

  • Standing up for Trump supporters

    Dear Editor: I feel I must write a reply to the letter written by your former employee, Hugh Bowden, titled “Turning a blind eye.” He questions all Mainers who support President Trump with signs and banners on their lawns. Later in his letter, he uses many political half-truths and incomplete statements and then he says

  • RIP, Senior Center

    Dear Editor: There was a news snippet that caught my attention: Ellsworth’s Bryant Moore Community Center would not be used as a senior center for Friends in Action. I was on the Planning Board when the idea struck to retrofit the Moore School and turn it into a city community center. The tenants would be

  • Mitch’s senator, not Maine’s

    Dear Editor: Susan Collins has declared herself “our senator” in her re-election ads. But when we review her voting record over the past 10 years, we see she is Mitch McConnell’s senator, not ours. Trump promised to introduce the best health care coverage that would insure everyone for less money than they were paying if

  • Keep Little Park politics-free

    Dear Editor: I wrote to The Ellsworth American this February stating that Donald Little Park, the triangle of State Street, School Street and Birch Avenue, is not city property. It has been owned and maintained by the Ellsworth Garden Club since 1949. The club is a nonprofit with 501(c)3 status and therefore is not permitted

  • Grohoski has the right stuff

    Dear Editor: What do people want in a state representative? I know I want someone who is available to listen and respond to issues important to me and represent those issues at the State House. Nicole Grohoski, who represents District 132 of Trenton and Ellsworth, is one such representative. During her first campaign, she was

  • Collins comes up short

    Dear Editor: “It’s unacceptable” was the most emphatic response Susan Collins could utter as the director of national intelligence declared that he won’t appear before Congress to report on 2020 election interference by Russia, but will instead submit written reports. This relieves him of having to answer any pesky questions that congress might have in

  • Collins a senator for all Mainers

    Dear Editor: As one of the most influential women in Washington, Maine’s senior U.S. senator is running for another term to represent all Mainers and our interests. Widely considered the most moderate senator, Susan Collins has earned the respect and honor of her peers as the most bipartisan U.S. senator for seven straight years, a