Letters to the editor

  • Long-term effects of microplastics

    Dear Editor: A Green Plan presentation by Madelyn Woods, M.S., marine research coordinator, Shaw Institute, made me curious about plastic’s impact on the ocean, humans and our local economy. The presentation showed a mussel ejecting microplastics ingested from Maine waters; the mussel eventually stopped eating. Shaw Institute research (2012) detected microplastics in Blue Hill and

  • Market mayhem

    Dear Editor: I look to the news media to enlighten me, not confuse me. Reading the Oct. 18 article “Minimum-wage hike cited as grocery prices rise,” I learned that, in the last quarter, ground beef increased 7.3 percent and peanut butter 1 percent, but that the rest of the sample groceries — milk bread, butter,

  • Scenic shopping

    Dear Editor: Before the season turns, I wanted to let Ellsworth’s business community know how much pleasure their beautiful landscaping and potted arrangements, as well as the hanging baskets on Main Street, added to the enjoyment of shopping in Ellsworth. I hope the tradition will continue for many years to come. Diane Green Franklin

  • Thanks from the Ellsworth Public Library

    Dear Editor: On behalf of the Ellsworth Public Library, I would like to thank all of the organizations and people who made our Great American Read events possible. PBS’s “The Great American Read” series came to a close last week and “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee was named as America’s favorite book. Thank

  • The wrong approach on right whales

    Dear Editor: The NOAA technical memo referenced in the Oct. 25 article “NOAA scientists admit a gaffe on risk to whales of lobster trap lines” highlighted the lobster fishery because of its size and scope. Not surprisingly, the industry has come out hard against the memo’s conclusions, especially one related to the 2014 vertical line

  • A dangerous and flawed endeavor

    Dear Editor: Rewriting history is a disservice to our heritage. Your editorial [“Giving honor where honor is due,” Oct. 4] is flawed as usual and misconstrues the facts. Columbus did or is given credit for discovering America. To blame him for genocide which he did not do is regrettable. If we take this a step

  • Remember all our veterans

    Dear Editor: At this time of the year when patriotic attention is rightly centered upon placing wreaths upon veterans’ graves, let us also place our thoughts, which are priceless, for those buried locally as well as elsewhere. And also for those whose ashes were scattered upon the land or the sea as he or she

  • Superstar service

    Dear Editor: On a recent trip to Maine, we had the pleasure of visiting your chamber of commerce. It has to be one of the nicest groups of people in a chamber we have ever experienced. They (especially Danielle) gave us everything we needed to continue our trip. On our return, the chamber’s helpfulness was

  • Poliquin provides poor return on voters’ investment

    Dear Editor: What’s Congressman Bruce Poliquin of Maine’s 2nd District worth to you? He receives at least a $174,000 salary plus benefits and about $2.4 million more for office and staff expense – from public information. I do not think I am getting my money’s worth. Perhaps I would have a different perspective if I

  • A vote of confidence for Arruda

    Dear Editor: Listening to the candidates for local House and Senate districts at a recent forum in Orland, I was especially impressed by Nathalie Arruda’s well-informed, clearly thought-out responses to questions on current issues and challenges facing Maine and Maine citizens. While our neighbor Sherm Hutchins is well known and respected for his heritage and