Letters to the editor

  • GOP must put country over party

    Dear Editor: This is a question for Sen. Collins. Do you believe, as Trump’s private attorney William S. Consovoy stated in the U.S. Court of Appeals, that a sitting president could literally murder someone and not be prosecuted, or even investigated for doing so, as long as they are in office? I hope and presume

  • Angels with hidden wings

    Dear Editor: My beloved mother laid there in her hospital bed, while we were caught between the turbulence of decisions laid before us. With diminished options dealt, doctors tossing opinions and medical terminology into yearning ears, we stood in the middle of a revolving tornado. Our selfish love wanting her with us as she always

  • Going above and beyond for Ellsworth

    Dear Editor: As most of you who follow what is going on in this city know, the Oct. 21 council meeting was Gary Fortier’s last meeting as a councilor. I have known Gary since we both were a great deal younger, but I have really gotten to know him since serving together on the council

  • Angels in Bar Harbor

    Dear Editor: There are many angels in and around Bar Harbor and my husband and I met them. The end of September, he became ill while we were visiting Mount Desert Island. He was admitted to Mount Desert Island Hospital and was there for a week. I want to thank the two ladies at the

  • Electricity and Ellsworth: follow the money

    Dear Editor: I would like to see a reporter follow the money. Some of both present-day Ellsworth city councilors and Hancock County commissioners have said that “we get our electricity from the Ellsworth dam.” Is that true? Being designed and maintained as a “peaking power plant,” I have the understanding that most or all of

  • Drug pricing bills need support

    Dear Editor: On behalf of our 230,000 members, AARP Maine thanks Congressman Jared Golden for participating in our recent tele-town hall on prescription drug costs. Nearly 3,500 Mainers participated in the forum and many asked questions of Congressman Golden live during the call. Much of the discussion focused on the latest news from Washington, including

  • No more apartment buildings

    Dear Editor: Why? More? Does the city not realize how these apartment buildings affect property values? Home ownership is what Ellsworth needs. Right now there are over 750 low-income apartments in downtown Ellsworth. That number does not include all Section 8-approved personnel houses and apartments. Let’s give tax breaks to first-time home buyers. Not developers.

  • Let’s get back to work in D.C.

    Dear Editor: As a moderate Republican, I say let’s give up on this search for impeachment, get back to work and be sure to vote — as many times as you can in November 2020 — to send the White House liar back to one or another of his many resorts. The big problem with

  • Gap between rich and poor remains wide

    Dear Editor: I keep hearing about how financially great the lower income-challenged people have it. I dispute this. Many must work several jobs or many hours to make ends meet. Recently, while talking with a cab driver, I learned he was working many hours. His wife had to stay home (no double income) to care

  • Halloween tale from the Caribbean

    Dear Editor: Growing up in St. Thomas 50 years ago was a different culture than now here in Maine. Gives new meaning to the words “losing your head.” Stephen King, eat your heart out. Perhaps your readers would appreciate a little culture shock. “Jumbies” This is the land of the tropics when sugarcane was king.

  • Blatant violation of Constitution

    Dear Editor: President Donald Trump no longer sees fit even to pretend that he is constrained by the law or the U.S. Constitution. It’s hard to imagine a more blatant violation of the Constitution’s anti-corruption provisions than the president steering foreign governments to stay at his luxury resort. Yet that is exactly what the Trump

  • Words of wisdom

    Dear Editor: In its Oct. 19 editorial titled “The Crisis of the Republican Party,” The New York Times cites Margaret Chase Smith, Maine’s first female senator, as she warned her party, during the height of the McCarthy era, that its behavior was threatening the integrity of the American republic. She said, “I don’t want to