Letters to the editor

  • Swindled

    Dear Editor: Paula Moore’s note on Wind power (March 19) is right on the money. Maine residents and industry will pay more for their power with increasing wind projects. Besides not being an economical way to generate energy, there isn’t enough wind in Maine to pay off the investment in these turbines. I read an

  • With tragedy comes unity

    Dear Editor: Our little town of Winter Harbor has certainly had our share of tragedy. I suppose that’s what has knit us together, as we are one big family. This time we are mourning the loss of our beloved Cook Whitten. Matthew 5:4 says “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” We

  • DMR wrong on rockweed

    Dear Editor: There are many problems facing the health and well-being of Maine’s coastline and of our local bays and estuaries in terms of ongoing health and productivity of our fisheries. The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) has recently decided to classify Rockweed as a marine fishery. While rockweed certainly supports many of Maine’s

  • Dangerous territory

    Dear Editor: As president of Katahdin Area Council, BSA, I am writing to express our great concern and opposition to Governor LePage’s proposed taxation of real estate owned by nonprofit organizations. We, like a lot of other nonprofits, are financially fragile. The proposed legislation would have a devastating effect on our mission of giving 3,000

  • A standard for everyone

    Dear Editor: Early in March, Michael Willette, a Republican representative from Presque Isle, posted on Facebook a photo of President Obama originally posted by Conservative News Daily that featured a caption saying, “Why haven’t I done anything about ISIS? Because I’ll deal with them at the family reunion.” Such humor. Obama is Muslim. He is

  • A modern-day Herod

    Dear Editor: A beautiful Olde English ballad references the New Testament: “And King Herod, in his raging…” In Israel’s Netanyahu, we witness a contemporary reincarnation, turning a subservient Congress, on its feet, clapping deliriously, into reasonable facsimiles of the American Israel Political Action Committee, found to be our country’s most powerful lobby. Israel, of course,

  • A fitting tribute

    Dear Editor: The recent commentary by Pat Perry concerning the passing of Bud Holland of Gouldsboro was a beautifully written tribute to a man who is like so many Maine people who go about their lives, little realizing the positive effects they are having on their friends and neighbors. Pat really captured the essence of

  • Frightening behavior by GOP

    Dear Editor: Thank you to Sen. Collins for abstaining from the letter that 47 of her fellow Republican senators sent to the Iranian government. She gave thoughtful and excellent reasons for not signing the letter: that it was more appropriate for the Senate to advise the President and that the Iranians were unlikely to be

  • Wind power, energy security and CO2

    Dear Editor: In 2008, the Maine Legislature passed the emergency Wind Energy Act (WEA). By legislating expedited permitting of wind projects over much of Maine, the WEA purported to increase energy independence and security and reduce CO2 production. But, something was wrong with that premise. First, electricity was never Maine’s source of energy insecurity. According

  • The civilized thing to do

    Dear Editor: It would be a very sad day for health care in America to have the Supreme Court next June decide that federal exchanges (as opposed to state exchanges) do not meet the qualifying requirements for subsidies in those states fighting Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). That’s just silly political verbal flim-flam on what