Letters to the editor

  • Malaby’s the man

    Dear Editor: For two terms, Rich Malaby has represented Gouldsboro, Hancock, Lamoine, Sorrento, Sullivan, Waltham and Winter Harbor, plus the unorganized territory of Fletchers Landing Township in the Maine House of Representatives. With legislative redistricting, Lamoine will be in a different district and the newly configured district will include Steuben, Mariaville and Osborn.

  • Malaby’s record

    Dear Editor: Rich Malaby is the very capable and personable innkeeper of the Crocker House. He also is an excellent cook. However, as my state representative he is a disaster.

  • Change is good

    Dear Editor: It is definitely time for a change in the Hancock County and Washington County District Attorney Offices. Matt Foster is the candidate to vote for. His platform supports my decision to endorse him. We need a district attorney and his staff who will meet regularly with law enforcement agencies, bail commissioners, court administrators and the jail administrators to maintain “open lines of communication,” efficiency and professionalism between all of these agencies.

  • Bravo on Beechland

    Dear Editor: A big thank you to all involved in constructing the new Beechland Road. What a pleasure to drive over the new road. I am a frequent user of this road and this is truly a big improvement for all. I only wish that many more roads in Maine could be this smooth for the well-being of all vehicles.

  • Bear baiting ads misleading

    Dear Editor: I was born and raised in Maine. I have lived and worked in Maine my entire life. So it is with some surprise that I watch ads by “professionals” employed by the state of Maine imply that it is out-of-state interests that is driving the Vote Yes on 1 campaign. There are a lot of Mainers like myself who are against trapping, baiting and hounding, folks who grew up with an understanding and respect for fair hunting. Who is paying for these ads anyway?

  • A hard-working ticket

    Dear Editor: I recently watched the Roosevelt series on public television and was reminded that politicians are elected to serve the needs of all citizens, not just the wealthiest 10 percent. For this reason, I’m voting for the hard-working Democratic ticket of Mike Michaud, Shenna Bellows, Emily Cain, Paul Davis and Veronica Magnan.

  • Church celebrates 200 years

    Dear Editor: Our beautiful village church along the scenic Narramissic River is entering the last phase of a year of celebration. On Oct. 12, we will gather at 10:45 a.m. to worship God and give thanks for the ministry and mission carried on for all these 200 years. Our bishop, Sudarshana Devadhar, will be the

  • MPUC misses the mark

    Dear Editor: The MPUC claims that “the commission regulates electric, natural gas, telecommunications and water utilities to ensure that Maine consumers enjoy safe, adequate and reliable services at rates that are just and reasonable for both consumers and utilities.” The recent feature article with Mr. Welch from the MPUC and Carroll Lee, energy consultant, clearly