Letters to the editor

  • Senator Langley is one of us

    Dear Editor: I intend to vote for Senator Brian Langley on Nov. 4, and let me offer why I feel so strongly about Senator Langley. He lives and works in our community and enjoys a fine reputation far and wide. I have, on occasion, dined at his restaurant in Ellsworth, where he and his wife, Jane, have often made time for a few words with me.

  • Take a stand on domestic violence

    Dear Editor: Domestic violence. You can’t open the newspaper, turn on the radio or go online these days without encountering a story about spousal, partner or child abuse. The story may be the featured “lead” story or could be in the entertainment or sports sections, or the commentary.

  • Some thoughts on Question 1

    Dear Editor: My father was an avid meat hunter for 50-plus years until his untimely death in 2001. Our family of four hungry children and parents ate plenty of venison. If given the opportunity, he would shoot a bear for the freezer. He did so only twice.

  • Nothing to brag about

    Dear Editor: As a resident of Dedham, I was interested to see that Veronica Magnan wants to be my state representative. Magnan served for two years as a state representative, and in 2009 she had some expensive ideas. She sponsored a bill that would have raised my (well, actually our) heating oil by 10 cents a gallon and my electric — oops, our — electric bills by 23 percent.

  • Magnan running to serve

    Dear Editor: One of the many things we like about Veronica Magnan is that she is “running to serve” (her motto) the towns of Orland, Penobscot, Otis, Dedham, Verona Island, Stockton Springs and Prospect.

  • Lockman a tireless worker

    Dear Editor: Folks in District 137 have the opportunity to re-elect a truly great representative for themselves when they go to vote in November. Rep. Lawrence Lockman has proven himself to be a man who goes to Augusta to work for his constituents and all the people of Maine.

  • Langley right on Medicaid expansion

    Dear Editor: I respond to a letter by my good friend and medical colleague, Edward Gilmore, MD. As a physician, I have nothing but great respect for Dr. Gilmore, who I have known and admired for over 40 years. Obviously I have a different view and opinion about “Medicaid expansion of service” than Dr. Gilmore.

  • Langley leads and listens

    Dear Editor: Maine insurance consumers, in particular boomers and seniors, are now better protected against long-term care insurance companies from stalling the payment of long-term care insurance claims, thanks to the concerted efforts of Sen. Brian Langley.

  • Foster is part of the solution

    Dear Editor: For the first time in the history of our state, on July 16, 2013, the Maine Supreme Court sanctioned a Maine prosecutor for unethical conduct. Assistant DA Mary Kellett admitted that she violated the special duty prosecutors owe to the public by not providing discovery as required by our rules and assured the court that her errors would not be repeated.

  • Entwisle the right choice for DA

    Dear Editor: I am writing in support of Bill Entwisle for the position of district attorney. I have known Bill and his family for 20 years, having lived in the same neighborhood in Ellsworth for 10 of those years. Bill is a man of uncompromising moral character, an integral member of the community and an experienced assistant district attorney.

  • Entwisle for district attorney

    Dear Editor: It is with great enthusiasm that I write to express my support of Bill Entwisle for district attorney for Hancock and Washington counties. We would be well served to have a man of such clear insight, unimpeachable integrity, tireless vigilance and calm deportment to act as our district attorney for years to come.

  • Deabay has the right priorities

    Dear Editor: In order to meet the future needs of citizens in Bucksport and Orrington, we need a representative in Augusta who will understand and act on legislation that supports jobs that pay a livable wage; strengthens the safety net for our most vulnerable citizens; and works in partnership with local businesses, schools and municipalities to efficiently use state and local resources. Emery Deabay is a proven leader who understands these priorities.