Letters to the editor

  • Celebrate spring

    Dear Editor: Sunrise Easter morning Sun’s bright edge above horizon’s gray shroud Touches night-dark trees Beyond clustered house’s peaks Stretch sky’s blue stripes Where small white clouds stand sentinel Resurrection Day Green shoots break free On life’s ascent. Stanley Harrison Ellsworth

  • Time to confront some ugly truths

    Dear Editor: Witnessing the murder of yet another black American tonight at the hands of a white police officer was a devastating experience for me. This was the second white police officer shooting incident of an unarmed black American caught on video in the state of South Carolina, the first being a fellow shot at

  • Red Cross salutes its volunteers

    Dear Editor: The American Red Cross Northern New England Region, Biomedical Services is honoring its volunteers and the work they do in the community during National Volunteer Week, April 12-18. In 2014, our volunteers provided office assistance, staffed tables at restaurants and malls to recruit blood donors, assembled and delivered signs in communities holding blood

  • In defense of Morgan Bay shellfish

    Dear Editor: Regarding the letter of April 2, from an official of the town of Surry, titled “Morgan Bay: The rest of the story,” allow me to relay the science and protocol involved in the safe classification of shellfish harvest areas. The letter submitted is highly misleading, uniformed and dangerous to the folks who make

  • Holden needs to rein in spending

    Dear Editor: Holden’s Town Council has been on a spending spree these past few years, purchasing everything from SUVs for the police and fire departments to a half-million-dollar fire truck to a plow truck. In 2014, the council pushed through the decision to fund the half-million-dollar expansion of the fire station. These purchases have increased

  • Government criminals still going strong

    Dear Editor: It never ceases to amaze me how much crime is being committed by what calls itself the “federal government,” FG. Probably the most egregious crime is called “the Federal Reserve,” FED. Well, it’s not federal and it has no reserves, only phony Federal Reserve notes, FRNs, that can be printed up at will.

  • Help seniors age with dignity

    Dear Editor: “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” ~Betty Friedan We are living in the oldest state in the nation. A total of 211,000 people in Maine are 65 and older, and this number will more than double by 2020. It is estimated that a quarter of Mainers

  • Shuffling the tax deck

    Dear Editor: Whenever a politician wants to change the tax code, he will always label the proposal a “reform.” Every change in the tax code produces winners and losers, so the question is whether anything will really be reformed. Our Governor is touting changes in Maine’s tax code that would reduce and finally abolish the

  • Silencing citizens’ voices

    Dear Editor: Several legislative documents (LDs) under the general title of “Right to Hunt” bills will be heard in Augusta next week, but this title is misleading. No one is denying anyone’s right to hunt or fish, and you certainly can’t give Mainers the right to hunt because they already have it. What is threatened

  • The pendulum has swung too far

    Dear Editor: Thank you, Cathy Lewis! Thank you for standing up for your kids and making your priority known when it comes to education: “I’m more worried about little faces than I am about numbers.” Education needs more advocates like Ms. Lewis. Last week’s article by Ms. [Jennifer] Osborn [“Grade A Surry School told it