Letters to the editor

  • Setting a fine example

    Dear Editor: If the children at the Brooksville Elementary School can appreciate, emulate and carry forward throughout their lives, the beauty and magic of Mr. [Todd] Nelson’s writing [“Rolling down ‘toward the two-tongued sea,’” Dec. 4], they will indeed have been well served! Alan “Doug” Scott Castine

  • Gun raffle criticism off target

    Dear Editor: I feel I must reply to the purely anti-gun letter published in last week’s paper that was titled “A questionable fundraiser.” Apparently Mr. [Nick] Humez sees problems with the Downeast tradition of having gun raffles to raise money for nonprofit organizations. Many other organizations besides the Ellsworth Fire Department raise money with gun

  • A helping hand for LePage

    Dear Editor: I read with interest the article on Amy Fried titled “Analyst: GOP won the message race” in the Nov. 27 issue of the EA. Needless to say I am no political science professor, yet I have a couple of thoughts based on what I consistently heard prior to and after the election. There

  • A questionable fundraiser

    Dear Editor: The Ellsworth Fire Department’s planned raffle of a gun a day in May may be a tempting fundraising scheme, but it seems to me uncomfortably analogous to the Police Department trying to raise a bit of cash themselves by raffling off a daily five-gallon can of gasoline and a book of matches. The

  • A perplexing portrait of the President

    Dear Editor: The article by Mr. [Phil] Grant [“America’s transformation under Obama, Nov. 27] is perplexing. That the author of this article felt it necessary to express his anger toward liberals, as well as denigrating the President in so vehement a fashion, indicates a distorted bias that attributes everything negative to the present administration. Mr.

  • A rant from the right

    Dear Editor: The commentary by Phil Grant [“America’s transformation under Obama, Nov. 27] can best be described as a “Rant from the Right.” Every one of Grant’s one-liners cries out for a thoughtful unpacking and rebuttal, however there are so many of them strung together that it would take an entire newspaper to reply. It

  • Political theater at its finest

    Dear Editor: From “The Audacity of Hope” (2006), President  Obama wrote: “The number of immigrants added to the labor force every year is of a magnitude not seen in this country for over a century (and) threatens to depress further the wages of blue collar Americans and put strains on an already overburdened safety net.”

  • A legacy of generosity and service

    Dear Editor: In September 1951, wearing the compulsory Bowdoin “beanie,” meant to promote both identity and humility among incoming freshmen — an ancient, much honored custom — I moved into Moore Hall, a gift of a Bowdoin lawyer, and Ellsworth native, who had triumphed in the Big Apple, Maine grit and brains. My next-door neighbor,

  • Fire safety tips

    Dear Editor: In light of the recent house fires, and as a once upon a time volunteer firefighter in Sorrento and elsewhere, I would like to remind everyone of a simple fire fact many people forget in the panic of a house fire. There is often clearer air and visibility near the floor. If you