Letters to the editor

  • In support of breastfeeding moms

    Dear Editor: It’s encouraging news that a new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that breastfeeding may help women reduce their risk of breast cancer recurrence and the risk of death from the disease. The findings also reaffirmed what previous research has found: Women who breastfeed lower their risk of

  • A read to look forward to

    Dear Editor: I am consistently impressed by the quality and insights of Marvin Ott’s biweekly column in The Ellsworth American. The recent discussion about the Vietnam War was unusually eloquent. I was particularly impressed by the inclusion of the observation by Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore that the U.S. involvement in Vietnam did prevent the

  • A breath of fresh air

    Dear Editor: I generally save the reading of the editorial section of The Ellsworth American for last. It takes a certain mindset for me to “digest” some of the contributions and/or information. I hate to admit it, but it frequently brings out the worst in me … my judgmental side. I have found that if

  • No excuse for recent murders

    Dear Editor: Thank you to John Randolph for sharing his personal history and thoughts surrounding the numerous murders of unarmed black men and boys by police throughout this country in recent times. And thanks to reporter Charles Eichacker and The Ellsworth American for providing the forum for this public communication. I want Mr. Randolph, above

  • True professionals

    Dear Editor: The Saturday night before Easter Sunday, I was home alone and one of the smoke alarms went off. My chimney was on fire. I phoned 911. The first on the scene was an Ellsworth policeman. He waited outside with me and talked to help keep me calm as possible as we waited for

  • Story gives a biased impression

    Dear Editor: Regarding Charles Eichacker’s article (“South Carolina shooting shows ‘racism is still here,’” April 23):  I disagree in part with Mr. John Randolph. The police officer stopped Walter Scott for a broken tail light. In South Carolina, this is against the law. However, it is probable that Mr. Scott thought he was being stopped

  • A welcome weekly mini-retreat

    Dear Editor: Some things in life are too good to not share. Hannah Horecka’s lunchtime yoga is one of those things. At 11:30 or 12:15 every Wednesday, she lets me get out from behind my desk for one-half hour to move my body and quiet my mind. And she keeps to a level where my

  • A case of constitutional illiteracy

    Dear Editor: A recent letter to this page was replete with misinformation about the nature of the federal government, the Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Reserve notes. Unfortunately, he is not alone in holding some pretty bizarre views about the nation of which he is a citizen. So perhaps it would be helpful to clarify

  • Respect the web of life

    Dear Editor: Cutting through all the conflicts dividing them, homo sapiens agree on one central proposition: we are not animals. We are special and that specialness gives us the right to rule the other life and the nonliving matrix in which it thrives as we choose. But the reality is that we are not in

  • Preservation beats restoration

    Dear Editor: In responding to my recent op-ed printed on April 2, Mr. Briggs, in his printed response, made many interesting comments directed at minimizing the ongoing concerns of noncommercial stakeholders in the debate over aquaculture development in the Bagaduce River. While he correctly points out that libraries at the Bigelow Laboratory and the Maine