Letters to the editor

  • The other side of Iran

    Dear Editor: Recently I returned from a three-week visit to Iran. With three companions, I toured the length and breadth of the country by private vehicle. We were delighted to find so many Iranians who spoke English. Street signs in cities, towns and rural areas were in Farsi and English. Antiquity sites and museums also

  • Great piece, wrong place

    Dear Editor: Congratulations on becoming “Newspaper of the Year”; however, you did not live up to that accolade when you relegated “Sisters At Sea” to the Arts and Leisure section. Clearly this article should have been your primary piece for “On the Waterfront.” Jacqueline Weaver’s excellent article deserves more recognition for its timeliness and newsworthy

  • Letting the taxpayers down

    Dear Editor: As I was reading about the RSU 24 space crunch, I was amazed that there was no mention of the bus garage in Hancock as far as square footage and what they are paying for a lease there. The square footage at the bus garage is 7,500 square feet of floor space and

  • Mike’s will be missed

    Dear Editor: In the fall of 1882, Howard W. Dunn came to the corner of Pine and Water streets and took over the operation of Levi Webber’s stone yard, which had been in operation there since 1859.

  • Brooklin deserves answers

    Dear Editor: Jennifer Osborn’s article leaves me both disappointed and disgusted that the town of Brooklin would have to lose Catherine Rees as chairperson of the Planning Board over what appears to be nothing more than a personal dispute. I say this because there has been no evidence offered otherwise as to why someone as knowledgeable and with as much professional experience and integrity as Catherine was dismissed.

  • Honesty much appreciated

    Dear Editor: I want to thank the honest person who returned my pocketbook. I was shopping at the Ellsworth Walmart on Saturday, Oct. 4, with a lot on my mind. I left my pocketbook in the shopping cart and off I went to Marden’s to do more shopping. It was then that I noticed it was gone.

  • New Middle East philosophy needed

    Dear Editor: Whenever I hear the media refer to the “U.S.-led coalition against ISIS,” I cringe. Here’s why. Suppose everyone wakes up tomorrow to learn that the U.S.-led coalition’s campaign has succeeded beyond anyone’s highest expectations. Every member of ISIL is now dead or taking up new residence at Guantanamo.

  • Setting a good example

    Dear Editor: Urban streams are dangerously polluted from pesticide runoff, according to a report released on Sept. 11 by the United States Geological Survey as part of its National Water Quality Assessment Program. Reasons for exceeding benchmarks are not specified, but the obvious source of contamination in municipal areas is lawn-care chemicals.

  • Twice blessed by family, friends

    Dear Editor: My name is Linda “Tink” Davis. I grew up in a small town, Lubec, Maine, where church suppas were to help someone in need or help the kids take a trip out of town. Neighbors would bake bread, and send some mackerel they caught off the wharf to the family with six kids down the street. We would play outdoors all day and make sure every one of us got home safely. We were rich with family friends and community. This is something that usually only happens once in a lifetime.

  • Know the facts on fireworks

    Dear Editor: Best results when considering important matters come from basing decisions on truth, science and facts. The Oct. 2 article “Fireworks Restrictions Likely in Ellsworth” by Steve Fuller was a well-written report on the City Council meeting.