Letters to the editor

  • The GOP’s continuing descent

    Dear Editor: A gun makes a coward a bully. So do money and power. Since Reagan, I have watched at first with dismay and now with shame. We Americans came out of the Second World War with strength and confidence. We were hopeful and we cared about others. We helped Europe and Japan regain their

  • Recycling the way it should be

    Dear Editor: Thank you for arranging the rummage sale/flea market/craft fair/homemade deli. It was fun to be once again in the school gym, scene of many memorable concerts and games. This time the stars were grown-olders, concerned with things rather than performances, but still full of stories. Selling a book on Dylan reminded an animated

  • Orland selectmen need some perspective

    Dear Editor: I was unable to attend the last Planning Board meeting in the town of Orland, so my comments are based on a review of that meeting published recently in The Ellsworth American. Who do our selectmen think they are? In case they have forgotten, they are elected officials, elected by the citizens of

  • Morgan Bay: The rest of the story

    Dear Editor: Regarding the recent EA article about the aquaculture permit for Morgan Bay in Surry, let me relay “the rest of the story.” To begin, I am a fan of aquaculture; not only for its contribution to economic health but, well, mostly because I really like seafood. Nearly a decade ago, much to my

  • A gesture much appreciated

    Dear Editor: As I was driving home from a commitment in Portland last Thursday, March 26, I stopped in Pittsfield to visit MCI Academy and while there decided to have lunch at Vittles Restaurant located on Main Street. Upon entering this quaint and cozy establishment, I proceeded to a booth, removed my USN civilian jacket

  • Don’t believe everything you think (or hear)

    Dear Editor: Four of the five most listened to radio talk show hosts these days are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. All four are conservatives, with Limbaugh holding the dubious distinction of hosting the most listened to radio talk show in the world. To a certain extent their focus and commentary

  • Ignorance can be dangerous

    Dear Editor: Now that we have a Legislature in Washington with a Republican majority, it appears that the battle between ignorance and intelligence is going to have to be rigorously fought. First example: Climate change. Evidence is overwhelming that emissions of greenhouse gases are causing disastrous extremes of climatic conditions in the form of droughts,

  • Swindled

    Dear Editor: Paula Moore’s note on Wind power (March 19) is right on the money. Maine residents and industry will pay more for their power with increasing wind projects. Besides not being an economical way to generate energy, there isn’t enough wind in Maine to pay off the investment in these turbines. I read an

  • With tragedy comes unity

    Dear Editor: Our little town of Winter Harbor has certainly had our share of tragedy. I suppose that’s what has knit us together, as we are one big family. This time we are mourning the loss of our beloved Cook Whitten. Matthew 5:4 says “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” We

  • DMR wrong on rockweed

    Dear Editor: There are many problems facing the health and well-being of Maine’s coastline and of our local bays and estuaries in terms of ongoing health and productivity of our fisheries. The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) has recently decided to classify Rockweed as a marine fishery. While rockweed certainly supports many of Maine’s