Letters to the editor

  • Another memorable Christmas at Woodlawn

    Dear Editor: On behalf of Woodlawn staff, trustees and volunteers, I offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Christmas at Woodlawn such a huge success. This yearly effort is made possible through the support of many community partners and volunteers. Thanks to the 2014 decorating teams, the Black House took

  • A message that needs to be heard

    Dear Editor: This is to celebrate your decision to publish “Eyewitness to Gaza” from Maurine and Bob Tobin in your Dec. 18 paper. As a new friend of mine in Jordan wrote to me after reading it, “It is good to know that there are still in this world some courageous people who care to

  • No respect for older vets

    Dear Editor: For the past two nights, I have been thinking how I am going to survive without the medication I was put on some 30 years ago for PTSD. I was sent to a psychiatrist for a sleep evaluation and they decided to put me on lorazepam; take one tablet four times a day.

  • Thanks for a great turnout

    Dear Editor: We in the Bagaduce Chorale were overwhelmed by the audience enthusiasm for our concerts at the Blue Hill Congregational Church this past Friday and Saturday. Most unfortunately, however, we also were overwhelmed by the sheer number of concert-goers who turned out for our Saturday performance. Regrettably, the capacity of the church was greatly

  • Saluting Bucksport’s mill workers

    Dear Editor:   The strength of a tree   The oak stood by the river’s bend As it flowed out to the sea The mighty limbs moved with the breeze With great strength all would agree   The trials it faced were many Through wind and storm and strife And it never, ever wavered It

  • Help those who have no health care

    Dear Editor: With regard to health care, I am among the privileged. Like many other privileged Mainers, I have health care coverage that enables me to get care when I need it. If I didn’t have that coverage I have no doubt that anxiety about it would exacerbate any health problems I might have, perhaps

  • Help fight fraud this holiday season

    Dear Editor: Now that we are officially into the holiday season, consumers should watch out for certain seasonal scams that re-emerge each year. For example, do you like to give to charities? Unfortunately, the season of giving is a peak time for taking. Fraudsters contact unsuspecting potential donors using phony names and promising that every

  • Torture should not be a partisan issue

    Dear Editor: The long-awaited Senate “torture report” was released just in time for the holidays. This unfortunate timing was due, of course, to fear by the recently disempowered Democratic majority that the incoming Republican majority would try to suppress the report. Be that as it may, it is certainly an ironic juxtaposition. As we prepare

  • An Apology to Governor LePage

    Dear Editor: Let’s see if I have this straight: the Senate District 25 contest was close enough to require a recount, and during the recount, 21 more ballots (all from Long Island and all cast for the Republican candidate) materialized than were tallied by the voter roster on Election Day? Wow. It appears that I

  • A hint of elitism in wind power opposition

    Dear Editor: The wind power referendum you endorse has some fine sentiments but some troublesome stipulations. I agree that the present law needs changes, but this legislation, if enacted, doesn’t help. For instance, it asks developers to “prove” that Maine needs the electric power. Say that again? That’s like asking if we need fresh air,