Letters to the editor

  • Alternative energies

    All of the “alternate energies” — wind, solar, tidal, biomass, etc. — are difficult to deploy for three reasons: (1) periodicity, (2) stochasticity and (3) dilution. The periodicity is easy to understand. The tide comes and goes; the sun does not shine at night, etc. The stochasticity limit is forced upon us by such sources

  • Enough of the bloody mess

    Dear Editor: When are we going to stop killing each other in wars large and small? Folks have been at it since recorded history began. True, there have been periods of uneasy peace from time to time, but it has mostly been a bloody mess. Fat cats sitting on their well-tailored behinds have been sending

  • In praise of Christmas angels

    Dear Editor: Thank you to all who participated in the angel tree project located at Governor’s Restaurant. Once again the needs were great, and because of your generosity over 200 gifts were given to children in our community. The above quote speaks volumes about those who gave and brought greater joy to so many of

  • The bullies of Hancock Point

    Dear Editor: I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I am really mad. I got caught up on my newspaper reading the other day and saw Susan Scherbel’s letter about the Hancock Point dock. She wrote because some Hancock Point resident went off about how there didn’t need to be another

  • ‘Tis the season for drunk driving

    Dear Editor: The holiday season is in full swing and for most folks it is a wonderful time, marked by family gatherings and festive events as well as starting new, or maintaining long-held, traditions. Most likely your calendar has filled up with office parties, open houses, “ugly sweater” contests and family events. Why is it

  • No need to rush on wind power

    Dear Editor: I applauded your recent editorial concerning the leveling of playing fields concerning the wind power industry. It basically stated everything we, the residents of North Orland, have long been saying. There are copious amounts of money being proffered to any community willing to have them. Ask any selectmen if they have it in

  • Gaza revisited

    Dear Editor. This is in response to the polemic “Eyewitness to Gaza” commentary by the Rev Robert Tobin and Maurine Tobin [Dec. 18], who claim to have immersed themselves into the past and current “facts” of Gaza and have visited Gaza as well. Their implied expertise is amplified by their association with a religious diocese

  • Free clinic seeks support

    Dear Editor, We at the Ellsworth Free Medical Clinic request the community’s support in our mission to provide health care to people who lack health insurance and the means to pay for the care they need. While the Affordable Care Act is making insurance available to many, there remain hundreds of people in Downeast Maine

  • Emmaus is still giving thanks

    Dear Editor: The Emmaus Shelter and the Riverside Café held their 17th Annual Free Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 24 and would like to publicly thank all the volunteers who made the event possible. Over the course of two days, 75 volunteers assisted with setting up, staffing, cleaning and providing live entertainment. Over 40 people

  • Clark a children’s champion

    Dear Editor: As the state director of Fight Crime: Invest In Kids, I would like to publicly congratulate Hancock County Sheriff Bill Clark on his retirement, and thank him for his 34 years of dedicated public service as sheriff. I especially want to thank Sheriff Clark for his dedication to our children. From his years