Letters to the editor

  • Thanks for the memories, Robin

    Dear Editor: As I picked up the April 8 edition of The Ellsworth American, my eyes widened and a huge smile appeared on my face. The cover girl for that week’s paper was Downeast Maine’s own Robin Emery, and deservedly so; two weeks’ worth, great. Back in the early ’70s, Steve Coffin, Ellsworth High School

  • Time to end the Cuba embargo

    Dear Editor: In December, when President Obama outlined plans to begin normalization of diplomatic relations with Cuba, we members of the Let Cuba Live Committee of Maine were as excited as everyone else. New initiatives included allowing more Americans to travel to Cuba, which is great, but normalization will require that the United States actually

  • Nature’s solar collectors

    Dear Editor: Ostensibly, the state of Maine has more solar collectors than any other state in the union. This fact may seem at odds with the state’s comparative position with regard to many other assets except, perhaps, when it comes to nature and wholesome lifestyles. Solar collectors and lifestyle preferences have a great deal in

  • Governor must stand by land trusts

    Dear Editor: Governor Paul LePage should honor his 2013 pledge to support Land for Maine’s Future funding that has the support of 60 percent of Maine voters. Many millions of dollars already in the pipeline for 36 other projects will not be jeopardized. Other projects still in our dreamtime can reach our grandkids. Land trusts,

  • A new era for gay rights

    Dear Editor: The surprising reaction to the “religious freedom” law recently passed in Indiana, and then revised after massive protests, resulted from the alignment of gay rights with big business. The reaction to the first version of the Indiana law (supported by Jeb Bush, who quickly changed his mind) shows how far gay rights have

  • A classless display

    Dear Editor: Maine extols civility in civic discourse. And, as highlighted recently by Sen. Collins, we expect our elected officials to honor this worthy and useful tradition. So it is with dismay that I witnessed Governor LePage’s surly performance at his town hall in Ellsworth. The Governor’s first words were digs at Democratic critics of

  • Take it and like it

    Dear Editor: LePage has a couple of years left to make your life miserable — that is, for those who voted him back into office and some who didn’t. I am sorry, but you see what big money does for you, so don’t whine over spilled milk. Gail E. Ray Ellsworth

  • Celebrate spring

    Dear Editor: Sunrise Easter morning Sun’s bright edge above horizon’s gray shroud Touches night-dark trees Beyond clustered house’s peaks Stretch sky’s blue stripes Where small white clouds stand sentinel Resurrection Day Green shoots break free On life’s ascent. Stanley Harrison Ellsworth

  • Time to confront some ugly truths

    Dear Editor: Witnessing the murder of yet another black American tonight at the hands of a white police officer was a devastating experience for me. This was the second white police officer shooting incident of an unarmed black American caught on video in the state of South Carolina, the first being a fellow shot at

  • Red Cross salutes its volunteers

    Dear Editor: The American Red Cross Northern New England Region, Biomedical Services is honoring its volunteers and the work they do in the community during National Volunteer Week, April 12-18. In 2014, our volunteers provided office assistance, staffed tables at restaurants and malls to recruit blood donors, assembled and delivered signs in communities holding blood

  • In defense of Morgan Bay shellfish

    Dear Editor: Regarding the letter of April 2, from an official of the town of Surry, titled “Morgan Bay: The rest of the story,” allow me to relay the science and protocol involved in the safe classification of shellfish harvest areas. The letter submitted is highly misleading, uniformed and dangerous to the folks who make