One of a kind

Dear Editor:

Godspeed, Mrs. Walls.

She gave respect and she got respect! She was a beautiful person inside and out, so kind and caring, even when I got a paddling once in a while.

She was born just to teach sub-primary. She was just 25 years old when I entered her class at age 5 (September 1952).

She was one of the “Old Guard” teachers, as was Mrs. Charlotte Morse (46 years teaching), who passed at 84 in 1995, and Mrs. Pauline (McDevitt) Myrick over 35 years teaching, who passed at age 96 in 2002.

I have saved most obituaries of teachers, etc. and a photo of the Falls School, etc., all safe inside my 1966 EHS yearbook.

But, 20 years from now I, too, will be 91, same age as Mrs. Walls when she passed. Will any of these former long-term teachers be remembered? The Falls Schoolhouse? The city of Ellsworth should have kept that small plot of land, placed a memorial stone with photo, names of teachers on it and planted some flowers, plants, etc.; kept it a small city park or just a memorial. I guess selling history and memories are more important then saving and preserving them!

Charlie “Skip” Hamor

Fletchers Landing and Ocoee, Fla.

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