Once burned, twice shy

Dear Editor:

It would seem that Senator Collins believes that if Brett Kavanaugh tells her that Roe v. Wade is settled law then it means he wouldn’t vote to dismantle or repeal it.

Isn’t this the same Senator Collins who believed Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan’s ironclad promises regarding legislation for lower health care premiums in exchange for her vote to support their outrageously expensive tax reform bill?

She kept her word, but they didn’t. Is she still that naïve that she will support confirmation of Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court? Has she learned nothing from that previous experience? Furthermore, does she believe that Trump has a good track record regarding his other appointees? Many of whom were given those positions not because they were qualified, but simply because they loved to feed his ego? Susan Collins is a smart lady who surely won’t be fooled twice, right?

Sylvia Tapley


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