Offshore wind helps protect Maine’s coasts and oceans

Dear Editor:

Maine boasts over 3,500 miles of beautiful coasts. Residents and visitors benefit from the coast by relaxing on our beaches, participating in activities like whale-watching and kayaking and enjoying lobster and other seafood in Maine. The coasts and ocean also help to support communities, from sportsmen to the tourism revenue. Mainers depend on our coasts and ocean.

As fossil fuels are burned, we are polluting our air and water, warming our oceans and damaging our coasts. As the oceans warm, ecosystems in the ocean change, and animals are forced to migrate to adapt to the changing ocean temperatures. Air and water pollution also leads to a dirtier coast and ocean, making our coasts more unsafe and polluted for visitors.

Investing in offshore wind in Maine helps to keep our coasts and oceans clean and safe. The more we do to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, the less we will be polluting our air and water. We need to continue to invest in renewable energy sources like offshore wind and work to ensure that our communities have a clean environment for ourselves and for future generations.

Jacqueline Guyol


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