Ode to strawberries

Dear Editor:

As I was driving to my restaurant this morning, I saw that the Berry Hut was finally open. I’d been watching for it to open, as it was strawberry season.

There are not many places in the world that are more ideal for growing strawberries than the state of Maine. The combination of soil and climate produce the most luscious delicious fruit to be found anywhere on the planet. I’ve sampled them in Massachusetts, and they are almost as good. I’ve sampled them in Thailand, as northern Thailand is suitable for growing strawberries. However, they pick the fruit before it is fully ripened, and the end result is a hard, tasteless berry. But when you pop a fully ripe Maine strawberry into your mouth, it almost melts in you mouth and you realize you are sampling one of God’s treasures. The delicious succulence of a Maine berry makes one forget about the long cold winter and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please excuse me for a minute while I lift my mask and pop a strawberry in my mouth. It’s hard to concentrate on writing when eating strawberries. One time during a tour of northern Thailand, I found some fully ripe strawberries and they had sprinkled what I thought was sugar on top. SALT! They had covered strawberries with salt!

I have to stop writing for a minute as I lift my mask and consume the last two berries in the box. I had intended to make a fresh strawberry pie, but in my weakened condition, the result of a long cold winter, I ate one berry and then I ate another and then another and before I knew it, the box was empty. You can’t just eat only one.

It’s nice to know that some things will never change, even when we are going through a Maine pandemic. Strawberry season is once again something we can sample and enjoy.

Herb Young

Thai Sana Restaurant


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