Not the best look

Dear Editor:

After attending the Green Plan Zoom presentations and seeing the work done by Heart of Ellsworth, I see a community of dedicated citizens intent on making Ellsworth a beautiful, welcoming city where people will stay, shop, connect and contribute to the community’s economic vitality.

Labeling Ellsworth as a Sanctuary City will transform it into an ugly vision of a city where citizens must arm themselves because of perceived but imaginary danger. Is this really the impression you want residents and visitors to have of Ellsworth? Guns kill people. It has been easy to forget about all the school shootings perpetrated with AR-15s while schools are doing remote learning during the pandemic. Tragically, they are bound to keep happening because of easy access to guns.

Let’s make Ellsworth a welcoming city, not one ruled by irrational fearmongering.

Anne Keefe


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