Not so bad

Dear Editor:

The recent story on the pantry had some inaccuracies.

While many nonprofit community organizations are having difficulty, the pantry is not in as difficult a situation as you make it seem.

There are shortages of food items due to transport and availability. Not due to a lack of our funds. We have had a wonderful response from gracious and generous donors. Many for the first time. The pantry is on a good financial footing due to the good management we have had for a long time.

We are currently serving about 200 families each week. Our lower numbers reflect the number of people who use the pantry from out of our area and are not coming now. We are seeing some new clients, usually younger families, due to income loss. I expect that number may grow. Good Shepherd, our primary food provider, expects an increase of 40 percent in food insecurity as unemployment continues. We will see how things work out.

I am glad to be able to help this community institution continue to provide the service we do for the people in our area and beyond.

Turn Style into Food.

Thank you.

Richard Washburn

President of Tree of Life and Turn-Style board

Blue Hill