Not falling for this smokescreen

Dear Editor:

Route 1A has blossomed with hundreds of signs urging “vote yes” for schools, jobs and tax relief. There is a smiling woman in large newspaper ads with the same message. However, as she neglected to include motherhood and apple pie, it is unlikely she is the fairy godmother.

More likely, she is an agent of a high-priced, out-of-state PR firm that is in turn the agent of a wealthy out-of-state gambling operator intent on sucking big money out of Mainers’ wallets, and who thinks Mainers will fall for his game if he promises that our streets will be paved with gold.

Kind of like Congressman Poliquin leaving me a voicemail that he’s fighting for elders, while in reality trying to strip away our health care so as to hand the already very wealthy a tax break.

Or like the Congressman making a campaign promise to lower debt, but instead voting for a $1.5-trillion (yes, no kidding, $1.5 trillion) debt increase also to hand money to the already very wealthy. Our children, our grandchildren and their grandchildren do not thank him.

Who do the gambling operator and the congressman think they are trying to kid?

C.H. Keefe


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