Mueller’s work must be protected

Dear Editor:

Dear Sens. Collins and King:

If you have not yet read it, I commend to your attention a July 13, 2017, article by Craig Unger in the New Republic reporting on Donald Trump’s very long and involved history of laundering money for the Russian underworld and Russian oligarchs. Although the details reported may need verification, it seems plausible, based on what we know about Russian politics, that the main thesis of this article is correct and that the Russian government has been involved as well.

This raises a grave concern that pirates may now be at the helm of our republic. If the Republican leadership even suspects this and is hoping the American public won’t notice, their cynicism could well doom the Republican Party.

In light of this report, and other information that has been made public over the past few months, it seems imperative that Robert Mueller’s investigations into Russian influence in our elections and government be wide-ranging and free of political interference. I urge you to do everything in your power to protect the independence of his work, come what may.

Michael McMillen


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