Mills goes to bat for business owners

Dear Editor:

Governor Mills didn’t just save more middle class, small business owners’ lives, she saved our customers’ lives too. Our businesses can’t survive without our customers. And now she is committing $130 million to expand and enhance broadband in Maine to save our small businesses as well. 

This is very important because former Governor LePage had left a very slow dial-up type infrastructure, where 85,000 locations in Maine couldn’t even meet Governor Mills’ new basic minimum standard of 25 meg down and 3 meg up. And he not only never funded better connections, he had no plans in place to create an important internet infrastructure improvement for rural businesses.

Governor Mills is making sure that Maine’s small businesses can really compete in the new post-pandemic internet business culture, and she understands that much of it is here to stay. Governor Mills is the new post pandemic economy, pro-business, candidate!

Bob Jean


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