Memorial Day revisited

Dear Editor:

Prior to Trump’s “novel” approach to Memorial Day, it has always a been time to grieve for — and honor — our country’s military. And going forward, to celebrate all the other frontline responders who are trying to keep our country safe and get us back onto a rational path to economic and health recovery.

However, within a few days, we will have lost over 100,000 Americans to COVID-19. This is by far the worst record in the world in controlling this disease, and we are far from the end of this misery. For perspective, our COVID-19 deaths to date are greater than the combined total U.S. war deaths in Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are 100,000 real people who have suffered terribly. It is a truly miserable death; these are not just numbers — they are agonies for those killed and for their families!

So, this Memorial Day, I stepped out on my porch and, like thousands of others who could, played “Taps” in tribute to our American heroes — military and otherwise. At about the same time, our President took the opportunity to insult multiple high-profile Americans he sees as threats and offered a stupid murder conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough, apparently to keep his troops in step — in between rounds of golf.

How many more golf rounds has he played at this point than President Obama did over his entire eight years in office? How many of his supporters remember Trump’s 2014 criticism of Obama for playing golf when there were two U.S. cases of Ebola? Two vs. 100,000 — where’s the balance for a man who takes “no responsibility” for the current status of our failed pandemic prevention “strategy”?

Further, over a weekend that should have been dedicated to patriotic Americans, Trump took the “opportunity” to mock Stacey Abrams’ weight, ridicule Nancy Pelosi’s teeth and call Hillary Clinton a “skank.”

He also claimed that mail-in voting (which he personally takes advantage of in Florida) produces ballot stuffing. It makes one wonder how he “knows” about the dangers.

He also called for people to return to church services, but of course he did not. Instead, he played golf on both Saturday and Sunday. Without a mask, of course.

I hope that everyone — from all sides of our broad political spectrum — will carefully evaluate what is going on here, where Trump is leading our country, and vote their personal ethics and conscience in the upcoming federal elections.

Donald Holmes


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