Media missed the bigger story in Boston

Dear Editor:

Last Saturday, engaging events made Boston the center of national attention. Tens of thousands of people, representing virtually every race and many nationalities, gathered in one spot. That was a packed Fenway Park, where the Red Sox were to play the Yankees, following a ceremony honoring some past players.

Then a Marine honor guard, dressed in sparkling dress blues, marched onto the field ushering in the stars and stripes. On the field, the milling participants stood still, facing the incoming colors. The mix of humanity in the stands rose and stood shoulder to shoulder. On the field, a young African-American woman began belting out the national anthem. Players on the field, standing silent, removed their caps and placed them over their hearts. Her voice was so captivating that it appeared everyone stood silently watching her. When she finished, the proverbial “play ball” rang out and everyone resumed normal activities.

Earlier in Boston, a much smaller crowd gathered to shout obscenities at each other and to make a mess of a downtown area. The broadcast news media, across virtually all networks, determined that this was the important event of the day in Beantown. Pity!

Dale Sprinkle


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