Mandatory E-Verify a common sense step

Dear Editor:

If we don’t want ICE agents going into businesses and deporting illegal immigrants, then the solution is obvious: End the jobs magnet and require all employers to use E-Verify, the electronic work verification system, so they stop hiring workers with stolen identities and fraudulent Social Security cards. Bingo! Two problems solved at the same time.

Hundreds of Maine employers are already voluntarily using E-Verify. Let’s create a level playing field for all employers. And why not include a mandatory E-verify measure with any legalization scheme for Dreamers? Common sense. Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports it!

We can’t do it because Dems want a “clean amnesty” for Dreamers. On Jan. 18, Dems were willing to shut down the entire federal government to appease the Latino lobby. Both King and Pingree voted for the shut down because the 95 DACA Dreamers in Maine were apparently more important to them than anyone else.

We’re grateful they had second thoughts and reopened the federal government. Dem leadership was worried about Dems running for office in red states.

Multiple Republican proposals in Congress right now include legalization for DACA Dreamers, codifying Obama’s executive action, allowing them to stay, keep jobs and enjoy most benefits. No one’s calling for mass deportation of Dreamers or prosecutions for document fraud, identity theft or tax evasion.

But Republicans are demanding common sense reforms, including an end to chain migration, an end to the diversity lobby and enactment of E-Verify in return for legalization. Without mandatory E-Verify, parents will continue risking their children’s lives, creating the next batch of Dreamers.

No one seems to be asking the obvious question: Why are Dems so opposed to E-Verify, even to the point of jeopardizing legalization for Dreamers? And while many Republicans are demanding E-Verify in exchange for a DACA legalization, why has Trump stopped talking about E-Verify? Have we got a bipartisan deal under the table between Trump and Dems, a kind of “wink and nod” to continue the politics of cheap labor? It’s happened before.

Immigration policy is a deep game. And many players, including multiple foreign governments, ethnic lobbies, immigration lawyers, big business and tech lobbies are fighting any effort to reduce immigration or enforce our laws. Not just Dems. I recommend Professor James Gimbel’s book, “The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform.” It’s an astonishing story.

Jonette Christian

Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy


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