Make your voice heard on Nov. 6

Dear Editor:

I know there must be people here in Maine who just don’t think they’ll bother to vote this Nov. 6, but I would like to urge everyone to think about the issues and choices presented to the voters at this time, and to make the decision to get to a polling place or fill out an absentee ballot and make your voice heard. In a democracy it is truly down to the electorate — people who take the time and effort to vote — to determine the direction of our nation, and to make the choices necessary to preserving decency, honesty and integrity for our future. And, I speak of the world’s future, not just America’s. We are linked with all the world’s nations, cultures and people in fundamental ways that determine health, economic viability, political stability and general well-being.

If you want to see a better America, an America that we and the world can look to for freedom, equality and opportunity, then I ask you to make a difference by having a voice in determining who will represent us in Washington, D.C., and in Augusta. So much depends on your vote.

And, in considering how you will cast that vote, think deeply about the poor, the hungry and the disenfranchised who live in our state of Maine in every county and municipality. They are not “them,” but our neighbors, our children’s classmates at school, the folks we run into at Walmart or the supermarket.

Nov. 6 may well be a pivotal point in history. Don’t sit this one out, please!

Linda Lewis

Bar Harbor

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