Maine needs Greenpeace

Dear Editor:

Just lately an oil company has been OK’d to put oil tanks in an area that slopes downhill. I called the DEP to ask them if that oil leaked would it flow uphill. Evidently this oil must contain a remarkable property.

I did also ask them who is responsible for making their DEP regulations. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are created internally.

Just below this property there is a good sized swamp that enters the Bagaduce River; then that river enters into the ocean. This area is also an animal corridor. How much thought or not went into this oil project is a mystery to me.

I so wish that Greenpeace would take a look at this project and whatever paperwork there is concerning it. This project is located on Route 15 in Sedgwick (Mines Road), Hancock County. I question a lot of stuff that goes on in rural Maine. I hope that you will take an interest and respond. I can’t believe that people could be so inconsiderate as it appears in this incident. I put a call into the Governor’s office requesting that she come to see this project. I’d be interested in her comments if she has any.

Personally, I think Maine needs Greenpeace.

I have heard that Trump really takes little interest in earthly matters except economy.

I am 70. I live off the grid. I wish I could say that I make no carbon imprint, but I guess most living do. I have simplified my life. I love it. I need to step back in time; we all do. We really need so little. I work part time. I don’t draw Social Security or use any government-run programs. I do get food at the local food bank. I have a roof over my head.

Thank you for your time. Please consider rural Maine. Please don’t let it slip away.

Pamelia Spencer


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