Maine needs Gideon

Dear Editor:

Mainers are known for being self-reliant. However, the global pandemic we find ourselves in has shown that during emergencies there is a critical role for the federal government to play by, for example, securing and distributing necessary supplies, such as personal protective equipment, testing supplies and medical equipment. These supplies have been paid for by all taxpayers and should be distributed based on need and not political affiliation or special connections to the current administration.

Never in my lifetime did I expect to see life and death decisions being made based on politics, nor did I expect to see our federal government pawn off responsibility and tell states to figure it out on their own. I’m disgusted by what I see during President Trump’s daily press briefings and it is very clear to me that change is needed. That is one reason I will be voting for Sara Gideon.

Mainers need someone like Sara Gideon in the Senate. She is committed to sharing our stories, elevating our voices and fighting for our interests every step of the way. From postal workers to lobstermen. Sara is focused on getting results for Maine people in this difficult time. She is advocating for Mainers particularly hard hit by the coronavirus, and last week, she highlighted the challenges facing workers and the United States Postal Service itself and strongly advocating for what they need. Postal workers are essential workers and they are continuing to show up for their job, even though it puts them at increased risk. At the same time, the postal service itself is running out of money, and its funding concerns have been accelerated by the decline in mail volume as a result of the virus.

When Congress tried to pass additional support for the postal service, the Republican-led Senate and Trump administration rejected the funding. Like me, Sara believes the postal service is a vitally important institution and that the federal government must do more to keep postal workers safe and healthy, and pass the funding the USPS needs to continue to serve every address in the county, even in a pandemic.

Geraldine Schmidt


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