Maine deserves a senator we can trust

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Sara Gideon’s campaign for the seat of senator from Maine, currently held by Sen. Susan Collins. Sara Gideon has shown excellent leadership during her two terms as speaker of the House in the Maine Legislature. She has worked successfully in a bipartisan spirit.

Susan Collins, on the other hand, has grown more partisan in her support of the Trump Republican agenda that is tearing apart the country. This agenda is destroying the government institutions of health, environmental protection, education, justice, even the military, and is severely degrading the civil political discourse. It is easy to tear down and destroy government and to divide a people. Once done so, it is difficult to rebuild it anew.

When Susan Collins first ran for office, heeding the calls in Maine for term limits, she promised to serve only two terms. She is now running for her fifth term and has shown her political stance. With promises broken, political allegiances taking precedence over the principles and values important to the people of Maine, and with her support for Trump appointees of dubious character and motives, it is time to say “Bye-Bye, Susan.”

The strongest and most trustworthy candidate in the Democratic primary for that Senate seat is Sara Gideon.


Judy McGeorge


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