Looking the other way no longer an option

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Sen. Susan Collins:

Over the past two years, our country has witnessed the executive branch of our government launch an assault on the independence of our Justice Department, alienate our allies, trample our constitutional norms, make truth and honor a thing of the past and reduce the White House to a criminal enterprise. Congressional oversight of the executive branch is a constitutional obligation conferred on every member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

This immoral President has had a free rein far too long. His administration is not normal and I will not lower my standards for those who hold public office. This President is a clear danger to our democracy and you and your party have given him a free pass. Our intelligence community has found that Donald Trump directed an illegal campaign finance operation but you went on record stating that you will wait for more evidence before you make a decision. Reminds me of Donald Trump in Helsinki. It’s been two years; it’s high time you do your job and exert congressional oversight on the executive branch. Looking the other way is no longer an option. It would be reassuring if you put the same effort into protecting our democracy as you put into defending your vote on the Kavanaugh confirmation. Sen. Collins, you took an oath to protect the United States Constitution, not Donald Trump

James J. McCoy


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