Look to the trees

Dear Editor:

With the arrival of fall, our gaze soon will be averted to the foliage that yearly beckons us with its breathtaking beauty. Hopefully, however, this won’t be the first time that we have taken note of trees in recent times and of their otherworldly transformation that is occurring before our very eyes.

Most of your readers likely couldn’t help but notice the plight that these miracle oxygen producers have been experiencing for the past year or so, not just in our area but widespread. Perhaps they number amongst those who simply have noticed that the majority of trees overall appear distressed. They also might be included amongst those who have had an heirloom tree, the focal point of their property, inexplicably die off in one season and considered it an unfortunate isolated incident. Simple observation over time has proven otherwise for, as we travel about, similarly troubling sights have presented themselves. Who has not noticed the specter of naked hardwood branches thrust against the sky reaching out from otherwise healthy hardwood canopies, withered brown leaves, shriveled and hanging lifelessly as though victims of drought during a season that was marked by record rainfall, trees that never fully leafed out as though, at mid-point, the process was arrested, and others that died out suddenly and with no warning or apparent cause?

A case in point is the number of majestic red pine that, in one season, were reduced to gaunt frames covered with rust-colored needles not having followed the age-old pattern of naturally occurring decline over the course of several years in which the lower branches lose their needles and die off gradually from the bottom up until the last plume of needles finally succumbs signaling the tree’s demise.

Thankfully, an increasing number of those who have noticed or experienced these unfortunate realities are seeking answers. Many believe that the solar remediation program being carried out under the auspices of the United Nations Agenda 21 protocol is likely the culprit. Interested and concerned parties who are not already educating themselves on the subject would do well to look into what is happening in the sphere of geo-engineering. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of educational opportunities available for those who want to join together to affect meaningful change.

Be encouraged to be a part, not only of the dialogue but, of the much needed change and may the forest be with you.

Jeffrey Harden


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