Long decline temporarily arrested

Dear Editor:

When I was a kid growing up on Oak Street, milk was delivered to our door. I took the cream off the top before anyone else in the family awoke. Bangor Daily News circulation was nearly 90,000 daily. Dad’s income was $18,000 yearly and his new 330-horsepower Dodge convertible cost $3,000.

I dug clams in Lamoine and received $9/bushel at Trenton Bridge. I also raked but could not keep up with the Haycocks of Gouldsboro, who raked 20-25 bushels daily at $2 per bushel.

I took my silver certificates to Union Trust and exchanged them for Morgan silver dollars at par. Now they are worth $25 each in exchange for Federal Reserve notes, which are debt instruments and only a medium of exchange, but not real money. First Greenspan, Bernanke and Yellen said we have had no inflation (currency destruction). Really!

The “globalists,” starting with Johnson, Nixon and Carter, were interrupted by Reagan, but resumed the dismantling of our free market capitalist system by Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. In 2016, the public, in its infinite wisdom, decided to “throw the rascals out” and arrest the decline, rather like Governor LePage accomplished in our fair state over his eight-year administration.

President Trump was elected to defend the Constitution, protect the republic and improve the living standards of all Americans, while arresting the exportation of our economic security and halting “the giant sucking sound” created by NAFTA, et al. Lopsided trade agreements made by politicians are being replaced with business acumen resulting in fair and reciprocal trade agreements.

Hopefully, all the crony capitalists with their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets will reveal themselves as the subsidies vanish. Elon Musk, Jeff Immelt and David Crane, I bid you good riddance. The U.S. withdrawal from the U.N. Paris climate accord is the second best success of the Trump administration, the first being Neil Gorsuch.

Since the opposition seems not to have a clue about the wisdom of the “Founders” in the creation of our nation state and puts no value on the good we as a nation have done, despite our warts, the decline may continue after Mr. Trump completes his term(s). But perhaps we have dodged the proverbial bullet and Mr. Pence will continue the reversal of our decline.

I have long relied on short statements by great leaders for guidance. The first was Jesus Christ, much later followed by Washington, Franklin, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Truman, Kennedy, M.L. King Jr., Reagan as well as Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. The discourse today is vapid and without rationale or intellectual sustenance.

Finally I must say that it is very distressing to read the acrimony in the letters page but would have to say that as I disagree with all the vitriol directed at POTUS and his family by your contributors, I don’t hate them and respect their right to say what they feel even though I judge it misplaced. Had they not been afforded the opportunities by this great nation and those who have died to defend it, they would not be able to afford the pen with which they spew their hatred.

If I have made some folks stand on end, so be it. It is my long overdue turn to respond, correct the record and defend the country, President and free market market capitalism. More later.

Dudley Gray

Rangeley Plantation

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