Lockman a fighter for the forgotten

Dear Editor:

I want to publicly thank state Rep. Larry Lockman of Bradley for everything he’s done for the people of Maine since he was first elected to the Legislature in 2012. Lockman is a fearless fighter for the forgotten Mainers in rural Maine who have been left behind by the politicians in Augusta. I am so glad he is prepared to carry the battle to the state Senate.

Lockman’s decades of experience as an hourly production line employee in the Passadumkeag stud mill prepared him well to serve in the Legislature. From his first day in office, Lockman has been a voice for honest, hard-working Mainers. His leadership advocating for Maine’s most vulnerable citizens in nursing homes and on waitlists sets him apart from legislators who go along to get along at the swamp in Augusta.

Lockman has been an outspoken critic of the ruthless, job-killing lockdown of Maine’s economy imposed by Governor Janet Mills on March 18. While other lawmakers were holding their moistened fingers in the air to see which way the political winds were blowing, Lockman called out Mills for her failure to adequately protect Mainers in nursing homes from the pandemic. Her lockdown did nothing to protect long-term care facilities, but it did wreck Maine’s economy and destroyed the summer tourist season.

As a member of the Legislature’s Labor Committee, Lockman called last month for the resignation of Mills’ failed labor commissioner, Laura Fortman. Her incompetence is the reason why tens of thousands of Mainers who were thrown out of work by the Mills lockdown are still waiting for their first unemployment checks.

We need a watchdog and a fighter in the Maine Senate. The time for playing games and hoping for the best is over. So you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Lockman has the enthusiastic endorsement of Governor Paul LePage.

The primary election is Tuesday, July 14. Send Lockman to the Senate if you want a strong voice at the Statehouse.

Kerry Zimmerman


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