Local legislators issue a call to action

Dear Editor:

The following is a letter written by members of the Hancock County legislative delegation to Governor Janet Mills:

Dear Governor Mills:

As elected members of the Hancock County legislative delegation and on behalf of our thousands of self-employed constituents, we write today urging you to take immediate action to establish a clear, concise timeline by which all eligible persons can reasonably expect to apply and receive unemployment insurance benefits as authorized by the United States Congress in the CARES Act.

Maine has a rich tradition of small and micro-entrepreneurship businesses. These small businesses are the backbone of the economy in our region and support thousands of sole-proprietors and independent contractors and their families. We ask that you use your executive powers and platform to advocate for and institute immediate steps to help the self-employed access the benefits they have been promised.

Additionally, we request that you advocate for Maine’s allocation of the $300 million earmarked for the fisheries authorized by the United States Congress in the CARES Act. The commercial fishing industry is an important economic driver in our coastal communities, and the markets for seafood have declined significantly during this crisis.

We know your staff is working very hard and putting in long hours to address this pandemic and all the economic fallout that has accompanied it. The purpose of this letter is to make it known to you and your administration that this aspect of the COVID-19 response is a major priority for us and for so many of our constituents. So, with that in mind, we thank you for all that you have done, all that you will do and for your tireless leadership during this difficult time.

Rep. Genevieve McDonald (on behalf of Sen. Louie Luchini and Reps. Richard Campbell, Billy Bob Faulkingham, Nicole Grohoski, Brian Hubbell, Sherm Hutchins and Sarah Pebworth)

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