Library budget comes in lower

Dear Editor:

The board of trustees of the Ellsworth Public Library is pleased to report to the citizens of Ellsworth that our FY22 budget request has been submitted to the Ellsworth City Council as required by City Charter section 8.02d. 

We are also happy to report that through the hard work of our director and staff, we have again been able to submit a budget total less than last year. The amount requested from the Ellsworth taxpayers is $544,907 compared with $561,872 for FY21. This amount will allow us to keep the present library operations and staffing levels for the upcoming FY22 budget year. 

This reduction is in keeping with our fiscal goals of lowering our reliance on (and therefore the tax burden on) Ellsworth taxpayers. As a result of this concerted effort, we have, thus far, been successful as evidenced by the fact that our FY2015 budget request was 92.67 percent taxpayer supported, steadily decreasing with this year’s request only 81.18 percent.

The remainder of our operation this year is funded from returns on our modest investments, private contributions and contributions from our friends in neighboring municipalities whose residents utilize our services. 

The past year has been a difficult one for our staff and our patrons alike. We all hope for improvement in the days and months ahead. Thanks to all who help support the Ellsworth Public Library. We exist for you and because of you.

Ron Fortier, Chairman EPL board of trustees

Signed by members of the board

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