Libertarians are alive and kicking

Dear Editor:

Reports of the Libertarian Party’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

While the state of Maine disqualified the Libertarian Party as an officially recognized party in late November, that was a temporary status. The party regained recognized status on Dec. 11, after party members filed the necessary paperwork.

The state requires 10,000 voting registrants to maintain permanent status, or the party has to file a “Declaration of Intent to Form a Party by Party Enrollment.” Only 10 registered voters are required by the state to sign the form, which was submitted on Dec. 3 (the first day of eligibility), and approved by the state on Dec. 11. The state now requires the Libertarians to reach 5,000 registrants by Jan. 2, 2020, and 10,000 registered Libertarians must vote on Election Day 2020 to maintain official status.

“The drive for permanent recognition now begins,” says Vice Chairman Jim Baines of Hampden. “We have new and growing leadership that was just voted in this year, and we’re stepping up a campaign to let Mainers know we’re here, we’re organized, and we care about everything they care about — freedom to make your own decisions, both financial and personal. We’re also tired of seeing wasteful government spending, and neither old party cares to do anything about that.”

The Libertarian Party also is looking to the courts to reinstate the roughly 6,000 existing registered Libertarians, whom the state unenrolled last month. Just the same, anyone can register as a Libertarian, provided they do so on new registration cards that will come out in the next month. The Libertarians will be printing up their own cards.


Chris Lyons, chairman

Jim Baines, vice chairman

Jesse McNally, secretary

Libertarian Party of Maine

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