Let’s make a deal on gun rights

Dear Editor:

I am a life member of the National Rifle Association and proud of it. I have owned many guns over the years and while in my possession, not one gun — none — has fired a bullet without my help! Guns do not shoot people, people shoot people with guns! Place the onus on the human pulling the trigger, not the NRA or the gun.

Do I agree with all that NRA promotes? No! Do I believe that assault rifles, AR15s, should be sold to everyone? No! Do we need 15- or 30-round clips for rifles? No! Do I believe we need more stringent background checks for gun buyers? Yes! This to include background checks at gun shows. People and times have changed.

Laws that are on the books should be enforced and the penalty for committing a crime with a gun should be severe, not a mere slap on the wrist. Case in point: According to a newspaper report, here in Hancock County, two men caught three people trespassing, forced them to kneel at gunpoint, and threatened to shoot them. Those two men were arrested. One of them pleaded no contest and was penalized little more than a written reprimand!

Think about that case for a minute! What did this perpetrator learn and what message does this send to some airhead with little self-control, let alone a person with mental problems and evil on his mind.

My heart aches for the families that have lost loved ones to gun violence. School shooters are the most cowardly kind. Mistakes were made in the Florida school shooting and others. However, law enforcement could have done little to stop Mr. Cruz before the shooting. They could have entered his name in the National Instant Criminal Background Check data file, but with no arrest it may not have been flagged. They could have attempted to question him, but with no arrest his lawyer would put a stop to that, as he has “rights.” They could not force him to have a psychiatric exam because he has “rights.” Even if he had voluntarily sought a psychiatrist’s counseling, the doctor could not divulge the conversation because Mr. Cruz has “rights.” No lawman could watch over Mr. Cruz 24/7 because this would be construed as “harassment” and they would be violating his “rights.”

So I submit to you lawmakers and others: when laws are passed taking away some of Mr. Cruz’s “rights” to protect us, I will concede my “rights” to own certain guns! And that is why I am a life member of the NRA. Its goal is to protect my “rights” under the Constitution from being taken away by “politically correct” politicians.

Leaders of and in this great country and all adults should return the following words to their vocabulary and revisit their meaning — faith, character, integrity, honesty and respect, both for their fellow man and the laws of the land. They should teach those words and their meaning to their children and insist that they live and grow by them! When the meaning of those words is abandoned, uncertainty and hatred emerge in our society and this breeds violence! That is where we are today.

Gary Mosley


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