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Dear Editor:

A big thank you to Stephen Fay for his editorial entitled “Might we hear what he has to say”? It would be such a wonderful improvement throughout society if we could at least listen to each other and have civil conversation. This editorial was indeed appropriate after the letter of the previous week entitled “Collins must oppose Kavanaugh’. It was most interesting to read the line from that letter that said “everyone knows that Kavanaugh is a biased jurist.” Is only one side of any of this biased? Aren’t we all biased? Just because someone doesn’t agree with us is no reason not to listen to what they have to say or to dismiss them by thinking you know what they will say.

Cathy Fonda


Gabe Souza

Out & About Intern at Ellsworth American
A former editorial intern, Gabe wrote arts and feature stories for Out & About and the newspaper.

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