Lack of help from Hancock disappointing

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regards to the Hancock Town Meeting.

The board of the Frenchman’s Bay Library was disappointed by the choice of not funding our library. The amount of $1,250 from Hancock represents 5 percent of our annual budget while 15 to 20 percent of our patrons are from Hancock. What we offer the citizens of Hancock can often have immeasurable impact on their lives.

Our library is not just a repository of books. It is a place where one can have free use of a computer, free Wi-Fi, a place to borrow audio books for those who are unable to physically read a book. We offer indoor walking, crafting, coloring, children’s programs, speakers and programs that promote awareness of our ecology, our safety and our communities.

Frenchman’s Bay Library is a partner with the AARP program “Age Friendly Sullivan,” which endeavors to create and foster caring communities and programs that help seniors as they age.

But most of all we are community. Friends gather to exchange news, read the newspaper and find a good book, a good movie or information.

We may have to cut back on programs, due to the lack of funding, but we will persist and thrive. I invite all the citizens of Hancock to come and discover our library. I think you will be pleased that this social service exists to improve the lives of your community.

Almyra R. Hornberger


Chairwoman, Frenchman’s Bay Library Board

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