Kudos on jobs well done

Dear Editor:

Now that all of the noise from our recent election year has ended and those successful individuals have begun to take office, I would like to take a moment and thank a couple of individuals for their service to the regional government here in Hancock County.

First, former Treasurer Janice Eldridge performed her fiscal duties for the county over the last several years. Despite the issues she faced in the beginning, Janice was able to assist in bringing the Treasury Department of Hancock County to a respected position. I certainly appreciated her cooperation during the two-plus years we were able to work together. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more cooperative and especially when it came time to “do the right thing.” If you know Janice, there’s not a better cursive signature around, which is certainly becoming a lost art. I wish to congratulate Janice on her service and future days of retirement to enjoy.

The other individual, who was very instrumental in bringing my presence to Hancock County is former Commissioner Percy “Joe” Brown. If you know Joe, then you are certain to agree that he fights to the end for those things that he stands for on principle. While serving Hancock County for the past 30-plus years, either in the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office or as commissioner, Joe Brown always brought professionalism, courtesy and a personal approach to those he dealt with. While he will be missed on the board, Commissioner Brown helped to establish a concrete base amongst the Commission that will serve it for years to come. Personally, I always enjoyed the conversation or occasional battle on behalf of the people, but most importantly the willingness to listen. My wish is that he enjoys his retirement and makes his mark elsewhere in local government that will serve the people well.

Congratulations and thank you both for a job well done!

Scott A. Adkins

Hancock County administrator

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