Keep the primary system as is

Dear Editor:

I was stunned to read your editorial in your Jan. 31 issue. Open primaries protect the two-party system’s dominance in the election process. It encourages negative campaigning trying to destroy opponents. Open primaries almost guarantee only a plurality winner and not a majority winner, and at lower percentages required to win than we have seen here in Maine. This also leads to “my way or the highway” leadership.

Why did you not support the ranked choice voting effort that has proven itself against everything the opponents could throw at it, especially since it was so successful? RCV overcame the dominance of the two-party system when the winner needed the support of independent voters in order to win. The system also encourages candidates to be positive and not negative, in order to win over supporters of other candidates for the second and third choices. Ranked choice voting also makes the two parties work a lot harder and be more inclusive in order to earn a win for their candidates. Here in Maine, this past congressional campaign showed that there were more left-leaning voters than there were right-leaning voters, and so most people got what they wanted or close to it. Open primaries do not accomplish that.

Please reconsider your support.


Nancy P. Alexander


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