Just say “no” to panic

Dear Editor:

As time goes on, I am realizing more and more how completely overblown the reaction to COVID-19 is.

What if we started standing with dignity and saying “no” to panic?

What if we contacted media outlets and asked them to stop spinning the same stories over and over and began broadcasting the testimonies of people who have recovered and are doing fine. There are many! (We personally have dear friends who got it, recovered in a couple days and are doing great!)

What if we focused on joy, and used social media as a platform to celebrate life and health?

What if we stopped being part of the crazy and thus stopped setting ourselves up to be pawns for anyone benefiting from a population in panic?

What if businesses and institutions that are closing by choice due to public emotional pressure, rather than measured analysis, realized they are contributing to the problem of fear and panic, rather than taking precautions and standing strong against the tide of irrationality that is damaging our country more than the illness itself?

What if we encourage our friends, family and neighbors who are feeling overwhelmed?

What if we encourage the parents who are temporarily homeschooling their kiddos and are struggling?

What if we ask if those who may be at risk (elderly, immune compromised, etc.) if we can grab groceries and share extra toilet paper rolls.

What if we strengthened our own immune systems and learned more about the amazing resources that can and do kill viruses, strengthen lungs and increase vitality (trust me, there are many!), and then shared that with loved ones? I am!

What if we became “old fashioned” and rose up with dignity to meet challenges with cheerfulness, a smile, courage and optimism and facts instead of becoming victims?

What if we realized this too shall pass, we have an opportunity to slow down, love on our families, friends, neighbors, be thankful for the simple things and understand that soon — sooner than we realize — this will be a distant memory?

Things to consider and act on.

Elise Burnett


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