Integrity matters

Dear Editor:

On June 14, in addition to voting in the Maine State Senate District 7 special election, voters that are enrolled in a political party will be voting in their party primary. (This will be done on two separate ballots.) I am encouraging all Republicans voting in the June 14 primary to vote for Bruce Poliquin to be the Republican candidate for the November election. Mainers are coping with the rapidly increasing prices on gas, heating oil and groceries. Bruce Poliquin is the candidate with a solid record that can turn the economy around. I intended to write a letter focusing strictly on Bruce’s record. But, instead, I feel compelled to share a personal story of mine.

I am from Surry but I moved to New York in 2009, because I fell in love with a New Yorker, got married and had a child. In 2016, my husband passed away and I became a single, widowed mother of my two-year-old daughter. I was distraught. I was surprised to receive a sympathy card from my parents’ congressman, but I was genuinely shocked to read that he also lost a spouse when his child was still in diapers.

A candidate’s integrity is important to me. A candidate may get on stage and spout off platitudes, but I’m a firm believer that one’s integrity lies in a person’s private actions.

I left Maine before Bruce Poliquin became the Maine treasurer or was elected to Congress. At that point, we had never met and I had no plans to move back to Maine (though I did in 2019). Bruce had nothing to gain from sending me that note, but the gesture meant so much to this young widowed mother. It may have been a simple gesture but it speaks volumes about his character.

If you are a registered Republican, I encourage you to vote for my friend Bruce Poliquin for Congress.


Kerry McKim


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