Inoculated from the truth

Dear Editor:

Phil Grant’s latest column gave me the impression that he might be one of those older folks who are willing to die in order to retain a decent economy for his children. Not so? Sheltered in place perhaps, being one of the vulnerable elders. Willing to sit by while others risk their lives in health care, grocery and sanitation work?

Just imagine how many more deaths we would have if the virus is left to run its own course without efforts to, as they say, “flatten the curve.” Hospitals overrun, rampant loss of life, vital supplies in already short supply. And for what? An economy for those who are left?

Sure, we are well aware that things are going to be a lot different than they were before COVID-19. But we are not afraid to do what is necessary and accept the consequences of our actions. Through the generosity of strangers, and the kindness to strangers, our communities can survive and thrive. Trading lives for money is a false equivalency.

Michael Macfarlane


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