Impressive credentials

Dear Editor:

I’ve only known Kylie Bragdon only a few years, but I’m very impressed in her achievements and her aspirations. She’s only 28 years old and she has her Ph.D. in mathematics, is a selectman in the town of Winter Harbor and is a lobsterwoman on her dad’s lobster boat.

Some folks say I’m hard to impress and that’s sometimes true. I expect a lot from people and I usually get a lot in return. But Kylie exceeds all my expectations, especially in someone so young.

Kylie is running for Maine House of Representatives in District 136. She is exactly the person we desperately need making laws for the people of Maine. The diversity of her interests and her drive to do what’s best for our community, makes her the perfect choice to send to Augusta.

Kylie Bragdon — 28 years old, Ph.D., lobster fisher, personal trainer, athletics coach, website designer, and at present, principal of KidsPeace in Ellsworth.

I hope you will take a look at Kylie’s track record and consider casting your vote in November for someone who has the ability and drive make a difference in our state.

Cynthia Thayer

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